The Future of Financial Technology is Efficient Blockchain


The future of financial technology is blockchain and it is already reshaping the way business is conducted around the world. While blockchain has made the immutable, secure, and decentralized accounting of digital transactions possible, not all blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are capable of implementing these benefits on the scale necessary for mass adoption.

Few cryptocurrencies possess the potential to be true financial disruptors. High transactions fees, slow processing times, and limited scalability have already relegated many projects to the dustbin of history. While decentralization is hailed by many as the greatest innovation of blockchain, decentralization without fast transaction speeds and competitive commision fees is not enough to convince the average consumer or business to adopt cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin excels as a store of value, it has proven incapable as a currency. Slow transaction speeds and expensive fees make it a highly unattractive platform for global businesses who already employ more efficient payment processors. Moreover, Bitcoin has spawned an arms race as miners rush to purchase the expensive equipment necessary to reap block rewards. The rising costs of mining equipment coupled with rising electricity costs have contributed to Bitcoin’s ironic centralization as a rising cartel of professional bitcoin mining corporations compete for block rewards around the world.

Visa and Mastercard, the behemoths of global credit processing, are capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second. While blockchain’s decentralized peer-to-peer transaction authentication is much more intensive than the centralized ledger systems legacy financial operators employ, it must find a way to compete if it is to be a viable alternative. is a cryptocurrency successfully competing with legacy payment processors through its unique architecture. Unlike all existing payment processors and other cryptocurrencies, offers zero-fee transactions. Businesses and consumers using ECR’s platform save from 3-5% on transactions fees relative to other providers, making a uniquely competitive service. is fully pre-mined cryptocurrency, meaning that there is no need for expensive proof-of-work transaction processing fees or block rewards. is already capable of processing 100 transactions per second, with massive scalability improvements on the horizon with the coming adoption of the Lightning Network’s second layer scalability protocol. The future of blockchain financial technology is here with

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