Popcoyn: A New Social Network for the Crypto Community


Popcoyn is a social network tailored for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It aims at providing a fun and educational environment for crypto fans to engage, learn, and compete. Popcoyn is a fully free service.

Popcoyn comes with many features you will not find on other cryptocurrency platforms:

While on other social networks users share and follow pictures and daily activities, on Popcoyn users share and follow their cryptocurrency investments (whether real or fantasy).

People often are not comfortable telling others how much money they have invested in cryptocurrencies. To address this concern, whenever a portfolio is shown to any user other than its creator, the amounts of the coins in the portfolio are scaled in such a way that the total value of the portfolio becomes equal to $100,000. For example, the image below shows the portfolio of a random user. We can see that this user has most of his investments in NEM, and the rest in 3 other coins. However, if in reality his investments are worth $10 or thousands of dollars, we can’t know.

The website allows you to compare the growth of your portfolio with those of other users or the coins that you follow, and even with the older versions of your own portfolio, in easy-to-read charts.

This graph also illustrates another one of Popcoyn’s features: when showing multiple variables in a single graph, you can “scale” the variables, so that they all have the same value of 1 at the beginning. This makes comparing their growth over time much easier. The scaling feature is particularly useful when the two variables are in very different scales, for example the price of Bitcoin and the price of Ripple.

Popcoyn created indicators (updated live every minute) for the cryptocurrency market that reflect the overall condition of the market, and also make it easier to compare the cryptocurrency market with the U.S. stock market. For example, CryptoCap100, sum of the market cap of the top 100 cryptocurrencies at each time, is the equivalent of S&P500 in the stock market. You can check the list of other indexes (along with coins and tokens) here.

When looking at a coin’s page (like this one), in addition to the usual info, you get information like:
– What have the average daily return and volatility been for this coin recently;
– What are the coins that have the highest and lowest correlation with this coin;
– what percent of users have this coin in their portfolio, and what other coins such users often include in their portfolio.

One of the basic concepts is finance is that higher returns are always accompanied with higher risk (volatility). Popcoyn has this cool graph that illustrates the risk-return trade-off in the crypto market. You can find the position of particular coin on it:

Popcoyn has weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual contests (like this) to see whose portfolio gains the highest profit between two points in time. You will be automatically enrolled in all contests once you make a portfolio. The winners win prizes which are, of course, in cryptocurrencies. For example, these are the results of the first week of March 2018 contest:

Finally. the website’s commenting section provides a comfy platform to have conversations about investment strategies, coins, indexes, or contests.

We hope that you will use and enjoy the website (and the iPhone app which will come out in a few weeks).