Your First Bitcoins: Faucets

If you are new to Bitcoin, I’d recommend that you try it out risk-free get getting a small amount of Bitcoins from one of the services below. These ‘faucets’ give away small amounts of bitcoins in exchange for you going to their page and being shown advertising. If they balance the payout and the advertising right, the faucet owners make a small profit.

The first faucet, though, was set up by Gavin Andresen in 2010 and gave away 5 bitcoins to all comers just to popularize Bitcoin. Many thousands of Bitcoin were given away, and this established the idea of people getting started with Bitcoin through faucets.

Many faucet lists will have dozens listed, but below you will find only a few tested, reliable, and fun faucets. The first,, is a straight faucet, but the others have a fun twist to them. Check them out.

**We’ve decided to add our own faucet as an experiment. It’s now first in the list. Try it out and tell your friends!**

Tested Faucets

I have been using this site off-and-on since 2013, which makes them one of the older faucets around. The amounts you can win depend on the current exchange rate. Each time you complete the captcha, you roll a random number between 1 and 1000. Most numbers win you the minimum reward, but you can win up to 200 dollars in Bitcoin if you’re lucky.

This is one of my favorite faucets just because it joins a love of books with a love of Bitcoin. The site has a set of classic and/or forgotten books. They pay you 400 satoshi for every ten minutes you read a book on their site. Payouts are weekly after the 20,000 satoshi minimum is met. Highly recommended.

This is a unique idea. This site pays you to motivate you to reach your weight goal. Really this is just a regular faucet, but with the twist of serving up a motivational quote to keep you on track to your goal. The payout is relatively small, but they also let you claim a reward relatively often, every five minutes.

This one isn’t really a faucet, but rather a global geocaching game. Bitcoiners download the app on the iPhone or Android, load up a wallet, and then drop packets of Bitcoins anywhere in the world. If you like treasure hunting and getting out into the great outdoors, Takara is for you. The link on the left will take you to the iPhone store, but it’s also available on Google Play.