From Decentralized Trustless Money to Decentralized Trustless Government

A lot of Bitcoin new sites try to cover only what they see as the core business of cryptocurrencies. There’s a lot to be said for that kind of reporting as there is real movement in the space the deserves the undivided attention of people who are trying to drive the development and adoption of Bitcoin forward.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that Bitcoin is not something that was created in a vacuum and nor will it succeed in a vacuum. In fact, it is my fervent belief that Bitcoin is an underdog currency that was only born out of the abuses of politicians and Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe. It will only succeed because those abuses become so apparent and so heinous that even those too reluctant to change their bank or switch credit cards when there are far cheaper and better options finally are confronts with that fact and have to make a choice.

Whatever one may find on the pages of Reddit, the need for Bitcoin is not limited the world of finance. First, the Internet came and allowed for free access to information and communication. Then Bitcoin comes to free the ability of people to once more hold and control their money without the need of banks and free of government schemes to steal value from the people through inflation – which allows them to pay less in the future for what they are borrowing now. After Bitcoin, there will be other ways to decentralize and disintermediate.

In the future, I can foresee the creation of decentralized companies that will work for the betterment of mankind – ones where a ruthless profit motive will not be the prime directive. I can see decentralized, trustless government where the people decide what kind of government they want and how they want it to act, and then it programmatically follows through based on math, not human foible and ambition. We will see no more of the partisan fear-mongering that freezes our government and no more of the mission creep that causes institutions meant to protect and provide for us become our jailers.

It’s unclear to me what form these institutions will take, how they will be created, or how they will be implemented.