Meet PlutusDeFi, The New Decentralized Platform On The Block


Talk about cryptocurrencies is continuing to rise. Even though Bitcoin is now often seen as “old news,” it has made its mark and continues to carry value for people who want to trade, invest, and save. Bitcoin has also paved the way for any new cryptocurrencies to rise – and along with these new “virtual currencies” come to the advancement of technologies.

The announces that over 5,000 different cryptocurrencies have already been established – and this number is continuing to grow.

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is another major focal point in the cryptocurrency market nowadays. There are several networks and platforms that already focus on this type of “lend and earn” model. These models allow people to earn an interest in cryptocurrency they invest in loans taken out by crypto holders.

PlutusDeFi is one of the newer additions to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It holds quite a unique entry into this market, with an interesting idea that is sure to gain grounds.

What The PlutusDeFi Campaign Is Bringing To The Table

PlutusDeFi is still considered a relatively new entry to an emerging market. While still a new option in the world of cryptocurrencies, it has gained recognition and even support from leading names in the industry.

The PlutusDeFi platform has a vision of creating a full-stack platform based on Decentralized Finance, or as many now it, simply DeFi. This is an emerging market that does not have too many options to choose from. Existing platforms that use DeFi as its vision or goal tend to be difficult to use for the “average person. PlutusDeFi is aiming toward exposing the public to a simpler solution that allows them to enter a different side of the financing world. The core values of the PlutusDeFi platform focuses on the security and privacy of every user.

The “Lend & Earn” model introduced by PlutusDeFi is what causes a rise in interest among many – including investors and big names in the cryptocurrency industry. It is ultimately an aggregated solution that allows for the DeFi lending (and earning on the other side) of digital currencies – all with just one product.

PlutusDeFi consists of a model that uses this structure: Multiple Protocols, multiple Currencies, multiple Wallets

dYdX and Compound are both utilized by the PlutusDeFi platform. These are some of the lending protocols currently leading the market. The system is introducing a new way for people to enter a financial market.

While a powerful system underneath the hood, at the surface, PlutusDeFi’s developers focus on creating a solution that is simpler for the average person. The interface is web-based – no more downloading and installing large software applications to get going. This translates to lending and earning an interest directly from the person’s browser.

The PlutusDeFi platform has opened its token sales. A total of $1,000000 has been raised to accommodate the sale of tokens related to this emerging lending platform.

A total of 50,000,000 tokens are made available at the seed level, with 10,000,000 appointed to the private sector. The $1,000,000 raised is divided equally between the seed and private sectors. A seed token allocation of 41.67% has been announced.

PlutusDeFi: The Current State, Partnerships, And A Look At The MicroCap DeFi Project

There are a few main focus points related to the PlutusDeFi that we need to cover. This data will help investors, lenders, and even the average person interested in cryptocurrency realize the potential of the project.

A MicroCap DeFi project has been introduced. The fees of this project are reverted back toward the token, and then split into multiple pools: Re-audit fund, Buyback and burn and Staking pool

A bonding curve has been announced of $150,000, along with a raised amount of $1,000,000. The company behind the PlutusDeFi platform has announced a Uniswap listing, as well as a DEX bonding curve. Specific details of the bonding curve still need to be announced by the CEO of PlutusDeFi.

The main platform of PlutusDeFi has already been completed. Privacy integrations, as well as insurance systems, are now in the works. The CEO has mentioned that they are working with two insurance companies, including Aztec Protocol and Nexus Mutual.

Several new investors have also been announced in the latest round of token sales. These include: Danish Chouldhury, Eric Benz, Thibaut Denonain, Sean Kingosum, and George aSamman

Partnerships with several telecom networks and companies in African countries are also focusing on bringing this cryptocurrency to the average individual. The PlutusDeFi platform has already partnered up with Vodacom, as well as Liphisha. M-posa is another partnership announced by the CEO of PlutusDeFi. The purpose of these partnerships is to introduce a Mobile Money Credits solution that can be used for transacting on DeFi lending platforms.

In recent developments, NGC Ventures have announced that they have doubled their investment in the PlutusDeFi platform. Major academics, including Paolo Tusca from the UCL’s Computer Science Lecturing department,  have also joined the full stack aggregator.

For extra security, a partnership with Sentinel dVPN has also been announced.

Final Words

The blockchain market is rapidly evolving. We are introduced to new cryptocurrency technologies frequently, and these markets are spreading to the average consumer now. PlutusDeFi is one of these emerging technologies that focus on a decentralized financial platform. The Lend and Earn approach is attractive to investors. The PlutusDeFi system has already raised $1,000,000 and provides a faster way to invest and earn through an internet browser.