The Rise of NFTs: The Crypto Innovation Taking the World by Storm


There haven’t been any blockchain innovations quite like NFTs.They came on the scene with headline after headline describing how an NFT artwork was sold for millions, or how the first-ever tweet was somehow up for auction. It is easy to see how someone without a background in technology could get confused; blockchains are based on technology that can often seem nebulous. So how can NFTs go mainstream if most people can’t wrap their heads around them?

As confusion has grown surrounding NFTs and blockchain, the technology that is used to trade cryptocurrencies and crypto assets like NFTs are changing to become more accommodating. The natural next step in the evolution of crypto is the simplification of the industry.

Crypto Evolution

As demand for simpler crypto solutions has risen, solutions to the complexity of the industry are rising to meet it. Many users have turned to a new crypto wallet app called Blocto to make sense of things. Blocto acts as a central hub for various cryptocurrencies and dapps. Using Blocto, people don’t need to have separate crypto wallets, or own native tokens in different blockchains. Cross-chain solutions like these are the first step in wider adoption of crypto/blockchain technology.

Giving people a simple and user-centric hub with which they can explore different cryptocurrencies and dapps makes things much easier for those who don’t want to research different wallets or methods by which they can get cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

NFTs for Everyone

The next step for NFTs to go mainstream is to create NFTs that will appeal to a broader audience. There’s no broader audience than sports fans, so the decentralized nature of blockchain is perfect for distributing digital sports memorabilia. Sports dapps like NBA Top Shot and MotoGP Ignition have sprung up recently and made a splash. Some collectables have sold for as much as $179,000. NFTs like these are bound to appeal to far more than just those familiar with crypto technology.

Combining NFTs that appeal to lots of people with a simple and easy way to purchase and trade them like Blocto, makes the process of getting into crypto far simpler for ordinary people. Along with recent news, like Venmo allowing its $50 million+ users to buy, hold, and sell crypto show us that the crypto industry has only just started to grow.