Is crypto-mining still a thing in 2019?


A couple of years ago only the lazy one didn’t mine cryptocurrency. Entrepreneurs even built companies that were mining coins. But lately, this topic is almost never raised. Everyone is focused on the price movements of cryptocurrencies, but no one is talking about mining it.

Even though the hype has calmed down, crypto-mining is still a great way to earn money. Nowadays, miners just need to be more attentive, choosing the currency, and the whole process can be somewhat slow. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the correct Altcoin for mining to get as much profit as possible and as fast as possible.

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Where is crypto-mining now?

Even though many people claim that mining is dead now, it secures the network. Crypto-miners get their rewards for the service and are constantly stimulated to continue doing the job. In fact, as long as miners are mining, the network remains secure. Thus, crypto-mining is a cornerstone of Blockchain and can’t be dead in any way. Well, unless we want Blockchain to be dead. And we most definitely don’t want that.

But the issue here is that it is expensive to mine cryptocurrency, especially if we’re talking about Bitcoin. Retail investors with a limited amount of resources will struggle a lot here. And over the past six months, it became even more difficult to mine coins. The difficulty has adjusted to the amount of computing power – remember how everyone was mining? That’s why today it is not profitable anymore to mine Bitcoin, especially for retail investors. Of course, we can’t claim that this statement is totally true. But it seems to be not profitable now.

What about Altcoins?

Altcoins are all the cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin. Since most miners were focused on Bitcoin, other currencies had a lower interest to them. That’s why today they’re on a better level even though Bitcoin continues dominating the industry.

So many investors turn to Altcoins even though many of these cryptocurrencies have insufficient trading volume. Because of that, it is cumbersome to withdraw the mined funds. However, we all know this rule – there always are assets that are undervalued. Their prices drop along with the whole market. So if you choose the right Altcoin, there is a chance to make a profit.

Check the exchange options

If you decide to turn to Altcoins mining, see which exchange is listed for this currency, and on how many exchanges it is listed on. There is no sense in mining coins that you can’t sell. Also, learn the story of the Altcoin you are going to choose. If there is a suspicious tendency, you risk to mine coins that become worthless very quickly. Moreover, look at Decentralized Exchanges – currencies that are listed only there have low liquidity. So stick to those listed on Centralized Exchanges.

It is not easy to choose the Altcoin. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. And still, even if you are attentive to details, there is no 100% guarantee you will succeed in mining. Even if everything seems to be working out, the market may simply not respond in the needed way.