How to Start Your Own Crypto Sportsbook


Many online services have seen substantial adjustments as a result of the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency technology. One of them is crypto betting. Low fees, anonymity, and the ability to move cash virtually immediately are just a few of the reasons why cryptocurrency betting is becoming increasingly popular as the number of bettors willing to wager with Bitcoin grows. There are currently a lot of crypto sportsbooks that offer a diverse selection of betting markets. If you prefer to wager with cryptocurrency, a quick Google search will yield a long variety of possibilities. What you’ll need to start your own crypto sportsbook;

Choose a niche for betting

Bets on practically all sports are available at major online brokers such as,, and And you won’t be able to compete with them for the first time unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a marketing effort. If your budget is restricted, it’s best to focus on a single area or sport. The user experience will be better and the site will be more identifiable if you target a narrow niche.

You must select a niche based on the region in which you intend to work. The most basic example is that soccer is popular in Europe but nearly no one plays American football, and vice versa, American football is popular in the United States but soccer is almost unheard of. Google Trends, for example, can be used to determine the popularity of wagers on specific sports in the country.

Choose an approach to development

The development of software for the gambling industry is not conventional, as standards, licensing, and the legitimacy of software providers are all essential factors. That is, players must have confidence that their funds will not be stolen, that their chances of winning will not be “tied up,” and that developers would provide enough security against hacking and/or illegal meddling.

As a result, it is best for you to use development services from well-known development firms on the market. Custom development in the case of online sports betting allows you to add new features. It can also be used for marketing purposes.

Acquire a bookmaker’s license in the desired jurisdiction

Building a sports-related Internet business is a difficult endeavor that necessitates a large sum of money as well as a relevant license. Such a license is not available everywhere, since such a business is outlawed in some countries, and there are countries where not only entrepreneurs but also gamers, are penalized for engaging in online betting. These are mostly Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Only Poland is the only country in Europe where betting is fully prohibited.

As a gambling service provider, you must apply for a license in the jurisdiction of your choice. The problem will be considered by public authorities for several months to a year. The following jurisdictions are preferred by the majority of online gaming companies:


There are no distinctions between sorts of bookmakers, casinos, or slot machines. They all get the same kind of license. There are no rigorous prerequisites for candidates, which makes the procedure easier and faster. The rate of taxation is 2%, which is lower than in many other countries. In general, this is a fantastic alternative, as Curacao’s authorities strive to grant permits as rapidly as possible in order to maximize tax revenue.

Costa Rica

A stable country that is willing to issue betting licenses on two conditions: first, local residents do not use its services, which is accomplished by blocking all IP addresses in the country; and second, your organization must have a physical presence in the country. The license will set you back $12,000 every year. There are no tax obligations or currency restrictions.

The Isle of Man

It is possible to register all sorts of gaming entertainment. The cost of the license varies depending on the company’s structure and the type of form, but it starts at $50,000. Tax reductions are 1.5 percent if the company’s revenue is less than $ 20 million.

It is recommended that servers be located in the nation of registration. As a result, there will be less issues with jurisdiction and legislation safeguarding users’ rights and personal data.

Select a payment service provider

To launch a betting business, you’ll need to sign agreements with numerous payment system providers so that players may deposit and withdraw funds from your platform conveniently and promptly. It is advised that users have as many payment alternatives as possible for convenience. Simultaneously, it is vital to place a bet on payment services that are aware of regional situations and alter their services accordingly. The decision should be based on your target group’s preferences as well as availability in the chosen region.

Select a betting system

An important component of crypto sportsbooks in 2021 is the computation of the chance of winning and the number of winnings. The site should explain how to rate ratios function, as well as how they relate to likelihood and prize money.

  • So, in a sporting event where one team is given a 25% chance of winning, the odds are calculated using the algorithm: one whole and N-tenths, where N = 100% / 25%. In the event that a team with a 25% chance of winning wins, the amount of winnings on bets put on that team is calculated using the following formula: rate * coefficient.
  • The Hong Kong system uses a similar method, except instead of 1.4, it uses 0.4. The likelihood and magnitude of the gain remain unchanged. In the event of a win, the user will receive the same 40% of the bet plus the amount wagered. In the British system, fractional odds are used, such as 5/10. The right shows how many units you’ll need to put in, while the left shows how many units the user will win.
  • Rates like “+150” and “-250” are used in the American system. The number on the right represents how much to wager, while the number on the left displays the number of wins.