3 Places to Find Obscure, but Legitimate, Coins and Tokens


While most newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency choose to invest in big coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, seasoned traders who have been in the industry for years often lean more towards obscure and lesser-known assets. The act of finding a rarely discussed, yet promising, cryptocurrency is a major opportunity to make a profit. It also helps to take a look at what other, more niche, projects are doing so that you can get an insight into just how versatile blockchain technology is. To find coins like this, it means that you need to know where to look. Places like Steemit and YouTube are no good as they rarely discuss any coins other than those which already have strong followings. You’ll want to find coins with little-to-no following so this is useless.

Here are some of the top places to find both obscure and legitimate coins and tokens.


The BitcoinTalk forum is the number one location for finding newly released coins and tokens. It has become customary for new developers to first announce the creation of their coins here. Developers will start a new, dedicated, thread explaining what their coin does and how they intend to change the crypto and blockchain landscape. People can then respond to them and engage in discussions and healthy debates. These types of conversations can be found in the
Altcoin Announcements section of the website.

Unfortunately, people who run scammy and untrustworthy coins also use BitcoinTalk to showcase their work, but they are easy to spot as people who comment on their threads will always point out disingenuous elements. While poorly created coins appear on BitcoinTalk, they are always exposed. This makes the forums a great place for people looking for legitimate assets. If a coin or token impresses the community, you will easily be able to tell by the comments for it.


ICOBench is a service which covers and reviews numerous ICOs and new projects in the cryptocurrency industry. The website provides ratings for every ICO it reviews, which are gathered from both user input as well as expert advice. This makes it a go-to spot for finding out which ICOs are worth an investment. Keep in mind that not every ICO listed can be found on an exchange; sometimes if you want to invest in them you’ll have to go directly to the ICO’s website.


RightBTC is an exchange which prides itself on its inclusion of obscure and worthwhile cryptocurrencies. The exchange personally checks the legitimacy of each coin and token they choose to list, meaning that users can rely on their judgement. RightBTC also run regular airdrops to get their users interested in new projects.

Using your own research and discretion

While it will be tough to research new coins and tokens yourself, it is by far the best option available. The other services listed here may be useful but they all make mistakes. Being able to learn how to research the validity and legitimacy of a coin or token is a good skill to have for the future. Here is a
short guide on Reddit discussing how to research new projects before they become popular. You can use this as a jumping-off point for your venture into finding the best assets. The services listed are also useful, but nothing is more comprehensive than actual, dedicated research.