Get excited: a recession is a good time for BTC


Everybody has been talking about this non-stop, and honestly, it’s time we addressed it. The markets have been flashing those pesky recession signals on and on for the past year. Now, or to be more precise on Tuesday, the markets told us that they are going to be panicking about a recession much more than previously anticipated. They told us by inverting the ten to two-year yield curve just like they did in 2007, which is something that is, in all honesty, a little terrifying.

But remain hopeful my friends, because while a recession is dangerous for the world and the economy, it points towards some exciting prospects for those of us who know what Bitcoin is all about. After all, all you need to do is remember that Bitcoin was created as a response to the recession of 2008, when people lost all of their trust in their currencies, their banks and, in all honesty, everything else that is related to official currencies of their countries.

So, after this round of recession, we are going to be seeing a rush to invest in Bitcoin and start using it on a daily basis. Why? Well, here are just a few of the reasons why BTC is going to be getting really popular during and after the recession.

Better infrastructure for BTC

While the world has been thinking about how to invest in cryptos and make money off of them as they would off of any other financial platform, the community has been working hard to create an infrastructure. An infrastructure that would allow those who want to pay for things with crypto to do so with ease.

Today, you will be able to find many places around the world where you can use Bitcoin in order to pay. The internet is probably the most obvious place you could go looking for these products, with online shops, services and even gaming websites allowing clients to pay for products with BTC. Just follow this link for Australian AU Bitcoin games and find out about things such as guidelines information and how they accept these in their everyday business practices. But the online world is not the only place where you can now pay with BTC.

More and more shops are starting to accept BTC as payment, with an Australian retailer group starting to accept BTC payments for simple products. What is more, there are more companies that are working on creating reliable POS services for BTC and other cryptocurrencies, which is a big step in the development of the payment and shopping infrastructure for BTC.

With a reliable infrastructure appearing out of nowhere, people will be more inclined to start using BTC in order to facilitate their day to day activities. So when the international markets show signs of weakness, BTC and other cryptos, which do not deal with traditional issues, will start seeming like a much more reliable currency of exchange.

Volatile, but trustworthy

One of the biggest criticisms of cryptocurrencies and BTC specifically has been their volatility over the years and the lack of reliability in retaining value over the years. While investors have found this to be a benefit to their net value and the profit they make off of cryptos, it has been a troubling quality that has been holding the wide acceptance of cryptos as a payment system back. Although, there is a chance that this kind of volatility might be going down in the future, especially in the case of a recession where a large number of people move to BTC in order to keep trading or keep their investments safe.

BTC is becoming more trustworthy as time passes, with fluctuations in value becoming less extreme, with more people keeping their trading related to daily exchanges and BTC becoming more useful in the daily lives of individuals. This trend is only going to continue in the future and, eventually, become the reason BTC is seen as a reliable thing to use in the daily lives of every individual.

Less trust in traditional financial assets

This is something we mentioned already, but it is also something that needs to be emphasized one more time. The original reason cited for the creation of BTC was the loss of trust that people experience for traditional financial assets and institutions.

The currency became popular just because going off of the 2008 recession, people did not feel like their finances were secure enough. Many felt like there was no point in trusting institutions that could so easily produce extremely negative results for the entire world and economy.

So, they started investing and utilizing BTC, even though it took a long time for them to be able to actually use it in their daily lives. The coming recession is only going to cause further loss of trust, as people realize it is not only large financial institutions that can cause trouble for financial assets but also the irresponsible restriction of trade between countries as perpetuated by governments.

This will cause more people to see value in cryptos, an untraceable and un-finable financial asset that can be used freely by people who don’t want to be controlled in the context of their daily financial exchanges.

The next 22 months are going to be some of the most interesting in the history of BTC and the use it sees on the daily markets and in the daily exchanges between people. A great time to be an early adopter of BTC.