Property Crowdfunder UOWN Launches Bitcoin Competition Worth $10,000


Property crowdfunding platform UOWN has launched a competition for investors to win one Bitcoin, marking the milestone of the cryptocurrency passing $10,000 (£7,493).

The UK-based website, which lets people invest in proven performer properties from as little as £20 and receive at least 6.4 per cent returns, announced the prize draw to celebrate the rise in alternative digital-led investments.

Today (November 29) the value of one Bitcoin passed $10,000, marking a rapid rise in the value of the currency, which cost less than $1,000 at the beginning of the year.

UOWN director Shaan Ahmed said: “This is an exciting time for alternative online investments. As many of UOWN’s investors are interested in peer-to-peer lending and cryptocurrencies, we wanted to celebrate Bitcoin’s historic milestone with a giveaway.

“There are some similarities between Bitcoin and property crowdfunding, as both can give a good return and a supply shortage is driving the price of both upwards – which is great for investors.

“But unlike cryptocurrencies, property crowdfunding is income generating and asset-backed. Having a bricks-and-mortar asset means that investors get returns from rental income every month, not just when they cash out. It also means there is a physical asset and a real human value to your investment.”

UOWN is the first property crowdfunder to pay returns to investors from month one, even before the property is fully funded.

The platform offers previously off-market properties which have a proven performance for delivering rental income, in some cases for more than 10 years. It has already attracted 1,100 investors since its launched earlier this year.

To enter the competition, participants need to invest with UOWN before the end of December 2017, with a minimum investment of £20.

Terms and conditions are available at