It’s Not Late To Claim Your Free Bitcoin Gold


December month has been all good for the Cryptocurrencies. And the prices are hitting all-time highs. Moreover, the BTC value went upwards of 15,000 USD.

With all these exciting times if you have forgotten to claim the free BTG, don’t worry. It’s never late to claim them.’

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Replay Protection

When a new currency is created form an existing blockchain, potential attackers can steal your money if you had spent some amount of coins in one of the new or old chain.

In our case, you held Bitcoin on November 24th. And you spent some BTC after the Bitcoin Golf fork. In a replay attack, the data of the transaction you made with BTC is replicated in the BTG blockchain to force a transaction. Eventually, making you lose your BTG. This is called a Replay Attack.

Bitcoin Gold is highly resistant to replay attacks.

Private Keys

To claim BTG, you shall have full control over Bitcoin private keys. In case of HD Wallets, a seed (sequence of words) is an essential thing to backup. And it complements private keys.

The seed when given as an input, the HD Wallet algorithmically generates the necessary keys. So, the seed is important.

Claiming BTG

Held some BTC before the BTG fork? Awesome. You are eligible to claim BTG.

Move your private keys or use the seed in a BTG supporting wallet. And the rest of the process is simple. Just Google the instructions for the wallet of your choice. And follow the procedure. But be careful. Read any instructions carefully.

One safe way is to move BTC to a new wallet before spending any BTG that you had claimed.


If you have had the Bitcoins in an online wallet or exchange, you might have already got the BTG you are entitled to.

Not sure about that? Just contact the online wallet authorities for clarification.


About the Author: Roy Glaser: cryptocurrency enthusiast,  technical writer for 10 years and a content writer for 2 years