Insitutional Grade Research Comes to Cryptocurrencies – The Complete I/O Coin Report


Spero Research is an independent boutique cryptocurrency research house specialising in providing commissioned reports to private clients and institutions. Spero has broadened its strategic priorities to include cryptocurrency startup technology research and public community engagement, leading to the release of its first public comprehensive research report, focusing on I/O Coin.

At 35 pages, wading through the report is for those dedicated to doing their own due diligence. Below is an exclusive summary for Bitcoin Warrior readers.


I/O Coin (IOC) is an open source project which aims to create a tokenized ecosystem where IOC is serves as the fundamental currency (similar to Gas) for the I/O blockchain. IOC is a business-focused coin, with the I/O Digital Foundation, the coin’s parent company, emphasising security, commercial application, and scalability in their development.

Spero Research had the privilege of interviewing the founder of the coin, Joel Bosh, to find out about the team’s background and their vision for the coin. The conclusions fall into three areas:

  1. Significant events in the roadmap

The release of I/O Digital Foundation’s flagship product, DIONS, is scheduled for November. The block call to upgrade to DIONS is estimated to be 1 November 2017, with DIONS launching on 14 November 2017. The IOC team have confirmed that the Foundation will engage in additional marketing in relation to the DIONS release and will update the community on decentralised applications (DApps) using the I/O blockchain.

Longer term, the community can look forward to the Chameleon upgrade (involving side chains, interoperability, smart contracts, governance, and money transfers), cloud storage, and unique DApp releases.

  1. What is the potential use-case for IOC

    IOC and the I/O blockchain are business-focused products which will offer a whole enterprise suite of use-cases. IOC primarily aims to disrupt traditional GPG/PGP encryption, a standard used widely in the business sector, with a blockchain-based alternative. In addition to this fundamental offering, IOC promises a business-friendly ecosystem for monetary exchange, data storage, permanent collation of records on the blockchain, and more.

    Security and reliability are key for the I/O blockchain model. Once these are cemented, DApps will drive adoption of the ecosystem. With the potential for DApps which offer social media with currency rewards and anonymity, cost-effective data storage, and internal business messaging services, the I/O Digital Foundation will be well-placed to market to corporations and businesses.

  2. Can the team get the job done

    Spero was impressed by the I/O Digital Foundation team and their commitment to the project. They have created valuable partnerships for the I/O Blockchain, gaining advisers with experience at corporate heavyweights such as IBM, KPMG, and TomTom. Lead developer Derek Hatton has experience working and publishing on cutting-edge software development at DESY and CERN, which is crucial given that IOC is programmed from the ground-up, with no basis in other coin technologies.


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