Bitcoin Gaming: The Fun Way to Rake it in?


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There are a lot of ways one can earn bitcoin, and some of them are actually fun. If you perform an online search, you will be amazed to find out just how many websites and apps make it possible for you to earn bitcoin by playing games. Here, we outline a few of the most exciting games to play if you want to start earning bitcoins. And one good thing about these games is, you can play them for free.

Online Quizzes with Bitcoin Rewards

For those who love playing trivia games, there are several fun games online that lets you answer quiz questions and get rewarded for correct answers in the form of bitcoins. SatoshiQuiz is one game that trains the brain and at the same time gives a hefty prize pot of 1,000 satoshis for each question answered correctly. There are also challenges with bonus prizes of as much as one million satoshis! The quiz consists of easy and difficult questions, and the player is given one minute to answer each question. And with search engines like Google that have the answer to almost any question, one can easily earn bitcoins by playing this online quiz game.

Source: Pixabay

Financial Trading Apps That Earn in Bitcoins

If financial trading happens to interest you, then you will be happy to know that there are also apps like Spark Profit that you can download which allow you to trade for free and earn bitcoins in the process. This particular app lets you simulate trading and experiment with predicting about real-life financial markets. As your performance improves, more currencies get unlocked and you get to accumulate points which can be cashed out to BTC or fiat money. This app game is also educational for trading enthusiasts as they provide tutorials and resources that allow one to learn more about how to become a successful trader. And, if you are among the top traders of the month, you can earn up to $100.

Online Casino Games with Bitcoin Jackpots

There are so many casino table games available online that give out thousands of bitcoins in their very generous jackpots. Usually, reputable online gaming sites like offer not just one but so many casino games in just one place, so you can choose among a wide range of games featured on their page, such as Bitcoin Blackjack Classic, Satoshi Super Squeeze Baccarat, and Bitcoin Roulette to name a few of the online games that are most popular now. Watch out for promotions that give you bonus games and other ways to gain more bitcoins as you try how far your luck can get you.

While a lot of people seek to earn bitcoins through bitcoin mining, a method which may not be appealing to everyone especially those who are not all that technical, these online games and apps make it so much fun and easy for a lot of people to acquire this popular cryptocurrency. And the best part, you can play these games for free!