The Reason We Can’t Trust the Government – Corruption Approved by the Supreme Court



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We live in a land where if you are poor, you can be busted for the smallest infractions (see the ‘broken windows’ theory
of policing), and once you are in the clutches of the ‘justice’ system, you can lose your right to vote, find it difficult to ever find legitimate work again, and forever be under suspicion having done something illegal (usual suspects).

We live in a land where if you’re rich, you can mow people down on the street while drunk (and stupid) and get a slap on the wrist with the defense of ‘affluenza’ (a real thing apparently, meaning that your loaded parents raised you to be so spoiled that you can’t tell the difference between right and wrong).

And now the Supreme Court is listening to a case spurred by the criminal governor of�Virginia, Robert McDonnell about what constitutes a bribe. Apparently, if you have a scammy supplement company and give the governor Rolexes, get shopping sprees for your wife, and a whole slew of other ‘considerations,’ and you can even be shown to be saying and acting in ways preferential to that company, as long as there isn’t a recording of you laughing evilly while muttering ‘the suckers will never suspect our nefarious deal,’ it’s not corruption. According to some members of the Supreme Court.

I was not attracted to Bitcoin because it’s better money (but it is), I was attracted to it because it was money verifiably, mathematically honest. That isn’t to say that it will always be used for honest things (it’s not – but then again, cash is still the winner, hands down, for being used for crime). But it’s minting process is clearly known, understood, and can’t be changed. Governments can’t seize it (easily), freeze it, print more of it on a whim, or in any other way manipulate it. With Bitcoin, banks will take a serious step back as everyone will have the ability to be their own bank – no need for credit cards, accounts, AML, KYC, or any of the other barriers the corrupt collusion between Wall Street and Washington throw up between you and your money.

This realization was born out of my frustration with the way the financial crisis of 2007 was handled both in Washington and on Wall Street. The lines of moneyed influence are clear. But. With the success of Bitcoin and the weakening of the iron cuffs chaining the rest of us (the 99%), we will need more trustless solutions to the ills of greedy men.

First the internet arose and gave us free access to information. Then Bitcoin arose and is in the process of giving us free access to and control of our money. Next, decentralized governance system will arise and give us a trustless, fair, and free way to manage the way we live together.

We are in the midst of a revolution that will bring a paradigm shift in how we live. And the future is bright.

Won’t you join?