Path of Survival RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) Off-Chain Game Offers Unique Source of Income for Blockchain Gamers


Path of Survival, an RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) off-chain game, is offering an opportunity for people to earn from blockchain e-sports. Up to now, players engaged in pay-to-play entertainment models where they had to spend their hard-earned cash to play the games they loved.

Path of Survival is here to change that with its Play-to-Earn solution. Players can enjoy the typical e-sports they adore while earning rewards in the process. Another way to put it, the platform is rewriting history in the gaming industry. The founding team claims to be introducing an off-chain mechanism for most of the game’s content, aiming to enable players to enjoy participating without the need to pay gas fees for every single action.

Overview of the Path of Survival Play-to-Earn Game

The off-chain RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) platform offers both Player-vs-Player (PvP) and Player-vs-Environment (PvE) options. Players can upgrade their characters and farm the game’s native Survival Coin (SRV). Farming itemized non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of jewelry, weaponry, armory, etc is also present.

The platform’s main focus is placed on character development. It provides the foundation for differentiation in a ladder-based competitive environment.

Path of Survival intends to help players improve their digital asset control using the Play-to-Earn mechanism. In addition, participants will be in a better position to understand the application of digital assets and blockchain technology in general, thus improving their digital knowledge.

The majority of items will be tradeable both off-chain via the in-game marketplace or on-chain using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Aside from building a decentralized gaming economy, Path of Survival also offers a super amazing and entertaining experience, thereby creating opportunities for healthy community development stationed around the blockchain ecosystem. 

How To Play and Earn on Path of Survival

Players are able to earn SRV tokens upon defeating an enemy or opponent in combat. Tokens can be exchanged for fiat currencies and withdrawn from supported exchanges. There will be monthly leaderboards designed to allow players to compete for both real-life and in-game rewards. Daily player-vs-player tournaments will be held for participants to compete for rewards. 

Winning in Path of Survival requires understanding the core character features and how to leverage them in the best possible way. These features include strength, agility, intuition, stamina, and intellect, and each of them provides benefits of its own. Strength helps the “character” destroy the enemy, while “agility” aids in avoiding the enemy’s attack. Intuition increases the chances of a player to be effective when fighting an enemy opponent. Additionally, stamina helps the character to stay protected while intellect increases the understanding of enemy capabilities.

Each of the aforementioned abilities is only available for use by a specific class, and gamers can unlock and improve these class abilities 4 times for in-game currency. This provides a huge advantage when battling opponents. With improved class abilities, you can have an edge to defeat the enemy/opponent. 

Gamers can select from one of five classes of characters which include Magician, Archer, Assassin, Paladin, and Tank; and utilize them well enough to earn bonuses and rewards while playing the game. If you are using the Assassin for example, it is important to understand the kind of weapons available to the character and how to effectively use them to defeat your enemies. 


With the emergence of the RPG PtE Off-Chain game, enthusiasts can now earn rewards while enjoying the thrilling game type they love. This will undoubtedly increase cash inflow for gamers and possibly attract more participants to the platform. You can read more about the Path of Survival game on its official website.