Don’t Have a Retirement Plan at Work? Don’t Count on Congress to Help – Get Bitcoin


As congress gears up for a vote tomorrow that would repeal but not replace Obamacare (exempting themselves from provisions like killing pre-existing conditions protections), a less commented on vote is likewise set to damage the future of millions.

The Obama administration instituted a rule that allowed states to require employers not offering retirement benefits to low-income workers to enroll their workers in a state-supported plans. The plans would be partially funded by the government and would ensure that those who are not as fortunate as future lobbyists serving in congress would have a glimmer of hope in their later years.

The reason to reject the rule seems to be two-fold. First, the program would not allow for federal protections for such plans – a laughable argument since this would be another ‘repeal but not replace’ measure. Without the program, which even many republican states support, low-income workers will have one less protection against poverty as they age.

The other reason given is that the program is not competitive. … What? If the free market was the answer to this problem, then it would already be solved.

In healthcare, in retirement planning, in almost every way that counts, the current government cares nothing for anyone not already wealthy enough not to need protections like these. The rest of us are left to us to fend for ourselves in a Darwinian fight to the death.

There is a way out, of course. Remove from the government the necessity of needing to care for us. Decentralize all the things with systems that work for everyone. We have already started with a decentralization of information via the internet. We now have access to information from around the world nearly instantly wherever we are on the globe.

The next step is to decentralize money – through math-based internet money free of the manipulations of governments. This money will let people from around the globe transact directly with each other as simply as passing a fiver to an apple seller on the corner.

After that – we can figure out the math to decentralize government to make sure that it works without the need for trust, sustainably, in the interests of the greatest number of people.

Whether you are a minimum-wage worker or a billionaire, an small investment in Bitcoin today might be the thing that saves you from a corrupt, self-interested government.