Cryptocurrency Has Guaranteed Its Relevance With New Project Trends

crypto community

From changing the face of finance forever to building some of the largest communities in the world. Cryptocurrency has truly come a long way and developed into something we may not have expected it to develop into.

The new face of crypto is to combine as many people willing to risk it all in a single investment in one location as possible. This was made clear with the growth spur of Dogecoin in the beginning. Another massive hit with SHIBA, and now thousands of projects trying to tap into that trending notion of community and support for their project.

However, not everyone is doing a great job. Although setting up a Discord server with almost no rules is a great start, many are missing the point, but one may have gotten it directly.

A New Player on The Block – Stadium.Finance

The key to crypto success may have been discovered by a completely new project by the name of Stadium.Finance. With its SAPE and SPEP tokens, this blockchain project has created the first interactive cryptocurrencies. How? Well, there are battles involved between coins, making community participation far more important than a Tweet from Elon Musk.

According to this news release, battles have already begun in the Stadium.Finance network, meaning the performance results of SAPE and SPEP is already being compared to each other, and it’s bringing massive gains for both teams.

The way it works is pretty simple. The two coins take 8 hours to build up their strength. This means promoting activity in the community to buy or hold these tokens. As long as somebody buys their native token, 5% of the transaction fee will be transferred to their teams’ treasury. These treasuries are then compared to each other at the end of those 8 hours. The one with more underlying BNB in their treasury compared to the last round is the winner.

The loser’s treasury is used to buy the winner’s token, and the winner’s treasury is burned. This decreases the supply and promotes growth in a natural way, actually giving traders the opportunity to have a say in what their coin does. This may have been the case when BTC was first released, but not down to individual players like here on Stadium.Finance.

Is Community Really Key to Crypto Success?

Seems so. All we have to do is take a look at Dogecoin and SHIBA. Neither of these coins has any underlying value. They are not the next best thing in fintech, nor are they bringing revolutionary solutions to the table. They are simply coins with a bunch of people trading them for the lols and artificially inflating the price.

At least Bitcoin and even Ethereum had a purpose, which drove their price higher and higher, but with newly released cryptocurrencies there’s usually hard to find any value.

However, Stadium.Finance is just one exception where we see that value is still being considered, at least by the small players on the market, who we hope will grow quite big quite soon.