This Maybe the Right Time to Short Bitcoin, BTC Prices Flashes Bearish Signals


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The Crypto space and the Stock market continue to remain extremely volatile may be due to external factors. The BTC price which had surged above $45,000 since the beginning of the month, plunged drastically and now displaying a huge possibility of visiting lower support below $35,000 very soon. However, a drastic pullback may also drag the price too as low as $32,000 in the upcoming days. And hence indicating that the current phase may be a pretty good time to short Bitcoin.

As Coinpedia reported earlier that it was not the right time to buy Bitcoin. Mainly because it may fake a flip from the downtrend. And hence, conversely, it may be the right time to short BTC as there are huge possibilities of the asset reaching lower lows shortly. A popular analyst lets out the trading plan for the upcoming week.

Analyst says that the BTC price is tapped into the lower levels in between $38,000 to $40,000 over the weekend. Therefore, if the asset manages to swing from here, then a notable lower high may be expected. Else, a significant downtrend may be continued throughout the week until the price plunges close to $33,000. And here is when one can expect a significant bounce towards $44,000.

As predicted by many, the Bitcoin(BTC) price may yet again slip down after hitting the $44,000 levels, yet attempt hard to sustain above $40,000. However, if in case the asset continues to plunge beyond $33,000, then there may be fewer chances of a rebound. Moreover, the asset may further remain restricted below $35,000 for quite a long time.