South Korea Prepares Bill to Halt North Korea’s Cryptocurrency Assets


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In a dynamic landscape where innovation and financial freedom intersect with the rise of cryptocurrencies, there exists a darker side marred by the alarming misuse of cutting-edge technology by nations like North Korea. In a recent development, the South Korean government is gearing up to introduce a comprehensive master plan through a bill designed to expose North Korea’s exploitation of cryptocurrencies and virtual assets to fund illicit weapons programs. This initiative forms a crucial part of South Korea’s overarching cybersecurity strategy, reflecting a notable commitment to combat cybercrime.

So, what does the latest version of this bill entail?

According to local media reports, the updated bill introduces innovative methods to “track and neutralize” cryptocurrencies and digital assets pilfered by North Korea through hacking and other illicit means. Interestingly, the initial proposal of this bill, presented by the National Intelligence Service in November 2022, did not incorporate such provisions.

Moreover, South Korea is set to establish a national cybersecurity committee, operating directly under the purview of the nation’s president, aimed at fortifying defenses against foreign cyber intrusion attempts. This committee will be helmed by the Chief of the National Security Office and will feature the Director of the National Intelligence Service.

North Korea’s Dark Cryptocurrency Hacking Chronicles:

This is far from the first instance of North Korean hackers perpetrating cybercrimes. Over the years, they have been responsible for siphoning substantial sums of digital assets through a range of exploits, resulting in an estimated loss of $2 billion to North Korean cyberattacks since 2018.

In the year 2023 alone, North Korea is suspected of pilfering cryptocurrencies valued at $200 million, constituting a staggering 20% of all illicitly obtained funds this year. Notably, the FBI has been vigilant in tracking state-backed North Korean hackers and has identified six Bitcoin wallets associated with the North Korean hacking collective known as Lazarus, holding approximately 1,580 Bitcoins worth approximately $40 million.

The Lazarus hacker group has been linked to numerous cryptocurrency attacks and breaches, with an estimated $3 billion in stolen funds attributed to North Korea over the past five years. South Korean intelligence reports indicate that a staggering $1.7 billion in cryptocurrencies were purloined in 2022 alone, primarily in Bitcoin and Ethereum. These cyberattacks have coincided with North Korea’s escalated missile testing activities.

The introduction of this bill heralds a potential shift in the system, and it is hoped that other nations will take cues from South Korea’s proactive stance in addressing this pressing issue.