Top 5 New Cryptocurrencies

Top 5 cryptos

A common question when thinking about investing your money into crypto is, which is the best choice for you. When most folks visit the crypto-verse, the first thought that comes to mind is Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and other altcoins. However, there are many new coins in the market, with similar or even better features.

Diversification when it comes to investment is a considerable advantage. It offers you a chance to explore new potential in the market. Moreover, you do not need as much input to get a substantial return.

New coins further have the incentive to penetrate different sectors, making them a more sustainable option. This article will point out five new coins you should know about for your crypto trading.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

Apollo Fintech is introducing to you the first gold-backed stable coin increasing with value steadily, growing like a cryptocurrency, and viable as an investment coin: the Gold Secured Currency. The company went ahead to ensure the coin’s sustainability by launching it on the Apollo blockchain. In turn, it adopts technological factors from Apollo, including sharding, security, speeds, and more.

GSX boasts as the only coin globally, which will be quantum secured, saving it from any effects when quantum technology enters the crypto world. GSX is also the first stable coin that will increase in value perpetually. It is backed by gold, gold-rich land owned by Apollo, and other precious metal not limited to but inclusive of platinum. Therefore, the company assures the coin value to be above the backing assets always.

As a potential buyer, you should know what GSX offers besides the advanced technologies and a secure blockchain. Holders earn passively through yearly dividends from 50% of gold-related ventures. Furthermore, you will be a passive shareholder of land rights, mining land, companies, equipment, and other mining assets. Apollo will often invite third party auditors and provide the information to its customers. Lastly, you can redeem your GSX coins for an equivalent value of gold.

The prices are at $0.046 during their pre-sale. It is an excellent chance to grab yours with up to 50% bonuses at It will be available soon on other crypto exchanges.

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency is a cryptocurrency by Apollo Fintech that boasts the world’s first coin that implemented database level sharding. This feature makes it among the only indefinitely sustainable blockchains in the market today. APL also claims to be the world’s most feature-rich currency integrating beneficial elements of most cryptos in the market into one.

Other technologies notable on the currency include Apollo atomic swaps, adaptive forging, Apollo updater, node synchronization, and others. It is the fastest crypto engaging impressive speeds of sub-seconds to 2 seconds per transaction. Moreover, these transactions can both be private or public as per your wants.

Apollo is dedicated to providing long-term solutions in different sectors. APL has some of the most extensive use cases in cryptocurrency, including government level use cases and commercial use up to the national bank level. Its token system supports the development of other advanced tokens in seconds without complicated codes.

Apollo Currency is the first blockchain bestowing true quantum resistance. In time, Apollo is working to introduce the first dApps infrastructure with limitless storage. APL is available on some well-known exchanges such as BitMart, DigiFinex, Apollo DEX, Sistemkoin, and Altilly.

Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin is the native coin for the “largest gaming online community,” hosting over 250,000 gaming communities. Besides, the platform has a whopping 18.7 million registered gamers. The currency surrounds its usability within the gaming world for a better experience for online gamers. Enjin aims its coin to be the most usable coin worldwide. The Enjin platform also prides itself on availing virtual goods to its users.

Enjin coin runs on the Ethereum network and utilizes its smart contracts in the undertakings. The platform leverages public APIs and SDKs to provide a laundry list of features for its users. It offers several benefits, including high transaction speeds, low costs for services, top-notch security, and more. Besides trading virtual goods and other currencies for the coins, it also applies to privilege tokens and gaming items.

Enjin coin has an excellent payment gateway allowing personalized carts, refunds, invoices, etc. Its smart wallet connects all your assets and unlimited to the gaming space. Enjin is in partnership with significant technology gurus in the market, including BinanceGodot, and Samsung. You can exchange the coin on today at low liquidity and fees.

Ren Protocol

Ren is a decentralized cross-chain project that facilitates over the counter trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. It works on a dark pool type of protocol, which entails the validation and processing of a vast number of blocks discreetly at a cheaper fee.

Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme is another unique feature that Ren utilizes when arranging orders into segments and displaying them on the network. The coin uses atomic swap procedures to facilitate the exchange of digital assets on other blockchains, which is a significant step towards full interoperability. The matching users get the information after this.

You can use Ren tokens to pay for the processing of the matching orders transactions. Also, the transaction fees are refundable to users in case the order lapses with time. Before using Ren Protocol, you must pay a certain amount of bond with an indication on the Registrar smart contract to prevent other users from controlling every node in the network. This creates a safe ecosystem to trade in since fraudulent nodes acting corruptible will lose their bond.

You can find the coin on and Loopring.


STEEM is a decentralized ecosystem that runs on the STEEM blockchain. Here you can be paid STEEM coins for actively participating and displaying your content in the network.

To boost the earnings, you have to get votes from prominent content creators on the platform or only remarks from other users. However, STEEM is also available on other social media platforms like Steepshot and Esteem Mobile Application.

Besides getting paid for posting quality content, you can maximize your earnings by exchanging STEEM coins for other cryptocurrencies through profitable exchange platforms, after that changing it to fiat currency. Every transaction takes a short while to be processed. Free transaction fees further accompany them.

Author’s Note

New coins in the market are here as a game-changer improving the existing blockchains for more features, sustainability, and pushing technologies to their limits. One common attribute with all the coins is their work towards censorship-free and fast options.

GSX and Apollo currency are showing the best promise with a variety of uses and support from a unique ecosystem. AS per Apollo Fintech CEO Steve McMullah, this coming quarter will be the greatest yet as a series of features are going live, including the awaited quantum resistance feature and Stratus platform.

Coming days will shed light on what the above coins, among others, have in-store for their users. In addition, it will prove the point of being the right choice for your crypto ventures.