5 Really Weird Cryptocurrencies That Really Do Exist


Before the appearance of Ethereum, due to the success of Bitcoin, many new cryptocurrencies appeared. Most of them basically took Bitcoin code, made some minor changes and then used rebranding. When Ethereum appeared on the market, everything became simpler. According to market analysts at Cryptoext.com, it is now possible to launch a brand new cryptocurrency with a unique code right on top of Ethereum. Basically, it is so simple that numerous weird coins appeared. Those below are among them and you may want to learn about them, mainly if you want to have a good laugh.


A Litecoin fork was created and Garlicoin appeared. When it hit the market, the focus was actually put on garlic bread. Then, the community interfered and the shift was made to garlic. So, we have a cryptocurrency that relates to garlic. If vampires exist, they surely hate it.

TrumpCoin And PutinCoin

The only two world leaders that have an eponymous cryptocurrency are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, as the name implies. As expected, these two are not actually connected with the digital coins.

The launch of TrumpCoin had the purpose of promoting the message of the now US President during the elections. With PutinCoin there is no real purpose or use.

Finally Usable Crypto Karma

The premise of this cryptocurrency is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to transform it into an acronym. The developers practically stated that with this coin you can finally put a real valuation on a F***. Its focus is on tipping. Basically, when you see something that you really like on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and so on, you can give a F*** (Finally Usable Crypto Karma).

The Honest Useless Ethereum Token

This cryptocurrency practically shows how easy it is to create digital currencies with the use of the Ethereum blockchain. The Useless Ethereum Token is marketed as a token that has absolutely no value and that will never have value. It is even said on the website that the only purpose is having the owner spend the money people send.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this is a scam because it is not. The creator always said that the only purpose is to have people offer him money. That money will be spent on whatever he wants. This incredible brutal honesty actually gave him donations of around $200,000.


This cryptocurrency is, most likely, the best example of choosing the worst possible name. When it appeared, the idea was to create a much better Bitcoin. It combined elements from both Ethereum and Bitcoin. The idea might have been great but the name was horrible. When you search for Bitcoiin on Google, you automatically get results for Bitcoin as the search engine thinks you made a spelling mistake.

While the name was horrible, bad decisions continued. Steven Seagal was actually hired as a brand ambassador. This practically made the coin a joke when all it really needed was a better name. Not even the founder stayed with the project.