Buy Bitcoin with Your Unwanted Gift Cards on CoinCola


A few months ago, we experienced what analysts call the “crypto winter” where the price of all cryptos including Bitcoin dropped to as low as $3200 in February. The trend has been reversed this past few months as the crypto market has been enjoying bullish trends.

Bitcoin has increased tremendously to the joy of the crypto community. Some days ago, the first cryptocurrency hit the $12,000 mark for the second time this year before it corrected to $11,800 at the close of trading activities yesterday. For now, the $12,000 mark seems to be the price ceiling but the future is very bright for the cryptocurrency industry.

Apart from severe regulations on cryptocurrencies by governments worldwide. The year 2019 and 2020 will see increased adoption of cryptocurrencies generally which would lead to a further increase in price for those who are holding the asset.

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If there’s a better time to invest in cryptocurrencies, the time is now. If you’re stalling for the price to fall as it did during the crypto winter, you may be set up for disappointment as those days are far behind. With news of Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency launch and Bitcoin halving in the horizon, there’s only one place for Bitcoin’s price to go and that place is up.

If you’re wondering how to start your journey on investing in cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, you don’t need to have a huge stash of funds. You can start with the little you have because the earlier you start, the better.

For those that have unused gift cards in their possession, whether its Amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards. Luck is on their side as CoinCola, an OTC Bitcoin trading platform is accepting these gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin.

About CoinCola

CoinCola is an OTC bitcoin trading platform based in Hong Kong, China. For years, they have dominated the Chinese cryptocurrency space and have decided to expand their services to other parts of the world. Africa was a favorable destination thanks to the numerous investment potential the continent possesses.

As luck would have it for gift card owners, there are several Chinese customers on the CoinCola platform who are in need of these gift cards. These gift cards are in excess supply in Nigeria thanks to the high rate of people using Apple products and iPhones.

For those that have unused gift cards, be it iTunes gift cards or Amazon gift cards. Now is the time to make a killing as the Chinese customers on the CoinCola platform are in need of these gift cards. You can buy these gift cards at a lesser price or it’s even better if you were gifted by a friend or family abroad. Then you can sell it at a higher rate to several eager Chinese customers on the CoinCola platform.

The Gift Card Trading Zone on CoinCola

What better time to sell than now as it’s a golden opportunity to secure your future by buying bitcoin with gift cards or by trading any cryptocurrency of your choice on the CoinCola platform. If you feel the price of Bitcoin is on the high side, you can go for other cryptocurrencies i.e. Altcoins the platform offers like Ethereum, Ripple, USDT and several others.

Don’t worry about hidden charges or exorbitant fees of any kind as CoinCola has one of the lowest charges in the industry. The platform was created with entrepreneurs in mind and all processes and fees are open for all to see. Trading fees are pegged at 0.07% and I assure you, this rate cannot be gotten on any other cryptocurrency trading platform anywhere in the world.

The security of your data and assets are their number one priority as they employ the best security experts from all over the world to monitor their website for suspicious activities. Scammers cannot swindle buyers or sellers as CoinCola has put in place several measures to combat fraud which is one of the reasons you’ve never heard of such on the platform.

The website is secured by the latest SSL, their assets are all backed up offline with Cold storage as a last resort should there be any form of hack and there’s an escrow system in place to protect both buyers and sellers during a transaction.

With all these features offered by CoinCola, it would be foolhardy not to take advantage of it and to secure your future by investing in cryptocurrency.

Trading Bitcoin on CoinCola and you can get 0.0001 Bitcoin bonus instantly.