The Most Anticipated IEO of the Year


We are excited to announce that Blockium, a leading financial gamification platform, will be launching an IEO with Coineal, one of the leading decentralized exchanges in Asia.

The Blockium platform offers financial competitions on Stocks/Crypto/FX and indices from the top global exchanges so users may compete for prizes based on real-time market data. Blockium provides its users with a historical opportunity to execute their trading skills against others (friends and strangers) in order to make daily profits. Our concept creates the next generation of financial trading online with marginal profit potential for users based on the competition. On the basis of this mechanism, Blockium is making financial trading attractive to everyone because any budget is welcome.

Since our launch 8 months ago Blockium has had 30,000 installs from the App Store and Google Play, with over 500,000 financial Portfolios created from 1,500,000 Assets.

We find this partnership so fitting because in the last 8 months Blockium has successfully proven its concept of users executing their trading skills in a gaming platform for healthy competition, proving that NOW is the time to tokenize. The team behind Coineal has created a world-class blockchain exchange. Providing users with free, safe, and professional cryptocurrency exchange services.

The IEO will allow Blockium to transition to a real money platform in which users on any budget are able to execute their trading skills with minimal risk and maximum profits.

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