TAP Coin Is Advertisers’ First Real Step Towards a Decentralized Ad Network


New technologies always make great changes. None more so than when Blockchain is being implemented in the world of finance. Such a tech change brings many positive solutions like the possibility to create your own platform which helps to fulfil important needs of customers. But the most intriguing aspect of it is when inventions make our lives better and they massively increase the comfort of our lives. Well, we’re happy to announce that such a new tech change has arrived.

Recently, the most advanced hospitality platform HOOCH Black — which offers 20-60% off Internet hotel prices and through a HOOCH membership offers one free drink everyday in different restaurants and bars all across the globe — has launched a new Blockchain-based project, called TAP Network, and will create TAP Coin which will corral thousands of different bonus programs worldwide in restaurants, bars, hotels, and unite them under one big reward network. On top of this, HOOCH plans to implement a decentralized ad network, which will change forever the way we see and interact with ads online. Here’s why it’s big news.

TAP Coin is more than just a free drink app. It is the first-ever decentralized digital advertising network. It combines loyalty programs and rewards. It offers experiences to customers that go beyond just bars and nightlife. While HOOCH and HOOCH Black will be the first apps to join the network, TAP Coin expects millions of users and all of the biggest brands to be airdropping loyalty tokens in short order. This is due to the architecture of the TAP network. Users are rewarded for their purchases and are able to spend those points with any other participating brand, venue, event or anything that they desire- as long as it is part of the TAP network. The area which there is significant potential is in the hospitality industry, where loyalty programs have been scattered an ineffective since their inception. Here’s how the TAP network will change that.

The Leisure Industry Has Had A Problem For Years.

There are millions of different bars, hotels, restaurants, leisure centers scattered over the world, almost all of them owning their own bonus programs that are not connected with each other. Once you make a purchase and get those bonus points – you just can’t spend them anywhere else. Those points are effectively locked up with your first choice and you can do nothing with the thousands of different bonus points that you have.

So HOOCH came up with the solution – the TAP Coin. Based on Blockchain technology, TAP Coin is created to unite all of the existing hotel, restaurant, bar branches into big ecosystem with one interspendable asset. Customers will never feel disappointed about loyalty programs anymore in the understanding that there is no more need for all of those bonus cards in your wallet that you can’t spend anywhere – there will be only one asset which will be stored in your Hooch Black application. From every purchase that you make in any Hooch Network leisure venue, you will be getting a 10% bonus in TAP Coins.

Since 2016 Hooch and its partner app, HOOCH Black has attracted more than 200,000 members and created a massive network with more than 100,000+ restaurants, bars, hotels that were included into TAP Coin. Such a big audience means a big data responsibility where privacy is ensured. Any data can be valuable for different companies and very often we are not properly asked whether or not brands can use it, and they often use it without our proper understanding of it. Until now, there has been no reward for the customer in this awkward situation.

Advanced Advertising That Rewards

Let’s be honest – our personal data is being abused by brands way too often. What if every piece of data that we share will have some financial value that we can benefit from? That would be something special.

TAP Coin plans to give people control over their data, and if they are willing to sell their purchasing data history to brands, customers are then rewarded for that. Moreover, Blockchain technology allows for the use of smart-contracts, which offers complete privacy for customers and specific data for advertisers. Therefore, brands will pay less for ads, people will be shown more relevant advertising and be rewarded for such a situation. This will be a fundamental shift to the whole advertising industry, putting consumers at the forefront.

Great Team Behind the Scenes

So what prompted all of this consumer-first, discount-heavy technology? Complex technologies require smart and devoted teams, and HOOCH has gathered talented people that push the boundaries of what tech can do. Lin Dai is the Co-Founder and CEO of the project with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing initiatives like Emmis Communications and Alloy. He was also CMO of Keek.

Erick Miller is a Board Member of TAP and CEO of the CoinCircle, the tech project that helps companies and different start-ups in Blockchain implementation, providing end-to-end tokensale solutions. Moreover, Erick was the founder of Vergence Labs, which was bought by Snapchat. His experience and knowledge makes him an essential partner in TAP Coin’s development.

Jared Christopherson is an experienced digital marketer and data engineer, and has worked in the advertising industry for more than 15 years. He’s the Co-Founder and CRO of the HOOCH and the Co-founder of the YellowHammer Media Group, which generates upwards of $100M annual advertising revenue.

Bill Tai, Bob Hurst, Sree Kotay, Teymour Farman-Farmaian, Bonin Bough and Austin Reid make an amazing team of experienced advisors and investors, that assist the project from both financial and technological angles. The collaboration between CoinCircle and Hooch will help the TAP Coin project hit its goals in the shortest time possible. Great specialists will support the product from the early stages of development till the final release and eventually change the leisure industry forever and implement a groundbreaking technology in advertising.

Definitely, people need great ideas and solutions that make their lives more comfortable and engaging. TAP Coin will bring two important changes to the market – a big loyalty reward network that will unite all existing bonus programs into one ecosystem, and a decentralized ad network that will created super-targeted ads based on people’s preferences directly through smart-contracts. And most importantly, TAP Coin customers will reap the rewards from such a great product!