ExpertCoiner: A One-Stop-Shop for Finding the Best Information on ICOs


That’s what you should be thinking about when you start thinking about investing in the hot, new ICO (initial coin offering).

If you don’t remember, was the poster child of the dot-com bust in 2001. The business, selling pet goods over the internet, was an interesting idea, and it garnered millions of dollars in an IPO. At first it looked like a wild success with good ratings from Wall Street and an aggressive advertising campaign. Unfortunately, it went under in a matter of months. The reason? It was due to a simple fact: people buying pet food would rather walk out of a store with it than wait to have it delivered.

There were hundreds of internet companies in the late 90s with business models like this, and most of them were crushed in the crash of 2001. Only a few, though, like Amazon and eBay, survived and thrived.

Fast forward to the present, and we are in a similar craze. With the advent of the Ethereum based ERC20 standard, a brand new way for entrepreneurs to raise money was created. Now, anyone with a great idea can create a token, write a white paper, and push it out in an effort raise the funds needed to bring that idea to reality.

On the surface, this seems like a huge boon for entrepreneurial financing. No longer to start ups need to jump through IPO hoops, or cower in front of rich VCs for funding. They can put their idea out to the general public, and, depending on the terms they put in place, get individual investors contributing anywhere from a few dollars to millions. Many say this is a true democratization of funding.

On the flip side, anyone can produce a token, write (or copy paste) a white paper, and push it out in an effort to raise funds – but with no ability or, in some cases, plan, to bring anything useable into reality. Some, like, may have flawed business models. Some may not have the experience or expertize to make their idea happen. Some may be out-and-out scammers.

The fact of the matter is that there are some diamonds in the rough out there, and if you find them and put in a small investment, then you could find yourself at the ground floor of the next Amazon. But those diamonds are buried with a ton of cheap quartz and polished stones. There are tons of articles out there already advising interested investors about how to do good research on projects – but it’s a ton of work to sift through them all to find the ones that have real potential

It would be great to have a one-stop-shop bringing together information and ratings of ICOs so that you, the investor, can focus on the details that matter.

And that is what ExpertCoiner is creating.

ExpertCoiner is a new, feature-rich service that aims to help investors cut through the fluff and find the cold, hard data they need to make sensible, informed choices about where to place their capital.

Review Aggregator

The core of ExpertCoiner’s service is a proprietary algorithm that aggregates reviews of ICOs, presenting investors with accurate, unbiased information. The aggregator check the development teams, the technology, the longevity, and the social buzz of a project. The algorithm generates a rating showing you the overall quality of the project.

Analytics Dashboard

Using the intuitive, interactive Analytics Dashboard, investors will be able to actively track their own basked of tokens. From the dashboard, investors will have access to a wide array of information and research ranging from the initial announcement of projects through their ICOs and beyond. Investors will be able to do direct comparisons of projects to truly understand the underlying value of tokens. The dashboard will also allow the investor to see how the market is responding to a project in real time. Which brings us to…

Trade Signals

ExpertCoiner tracks the action of tokens on a variety of exchanges (and also have an easy tool to see which exchanges trade which tokens). Using their trade signals tools, active investors will get all the information they need to plan data-driven investment strategies, including planning what positions to take, trade swings, and arbitrage differences in price of tokens between exchanges. Perhaps most importantly, investors will be able to catch major market moves as soon as they begin so they can make the most of the opportunities.

ICO Custom Research and Live Chat

For those who really want to get in-depth information about projects, ExpertCoiner also offers a custom research service. Tell their staff which project or projects you’re interested in and what you are most interested in knowing about them, and they will put in the hours and effort needed to give you exactly the information you need to make the right move. And since the crypto markets don’t sleep, unlike most stock markets, they have live support staff on call 24-7 to answer your questions and get you what you need, whether that be more information about their rating system or a more granular understanding of a particular ICO.

Crypto Investors

One of the best ways to learn to trade is to watch what big, successful traders are doing. ExpertCoiner understands this and has a tool devoted to following some of the biggest investors in ICOs. See what they are doing and try to figure out why to improve your own trading skills, or match their moves to match their results. Or, if you think you know better – trade against them and see if you can beat the big traders at their own game!


If you’ve ever been in a position where you were buying a used car, and you knew that the salesperson wasn’t telling you everything, then you’ve experienced what’s known as “asynchronous information.” Basically, this just mean that some people have better information than others – and the person with better information usually wins.

Since the ICO field is filled with so much, often bad, information, ExpertCoiner is doing what it can to cut through the chaff to let the intelligent investor make the right choices.