CryptoTrader.Tax Launches Web-Based, Multi-Exchange Tax Tool


March 19, 2018: CryptoTrader.Tax released a web-based tool developed with the intention of helping users calculate the capital gains and losses associated with their cryptocurrency investment endeavors. The tool is currently in the ‘beta’ phase of development, and can be accessed from their website at, www.CryptoTrader.Tax. Very few cryptocurrency tax tools currently exist in the market, and there are doubts surrounding the accuracy of some of the existing tools. CryptoTrader.Tax aims to provide its users with an easy and accurate tool to use when it comes time to do their taxes. It properly considers the user’s set time zone, trades across all exchanges, and the sale of their uploaded cryptocurrency income.

CryptoTrader.Tax uses a safe, streamlined workflow to gather the data needed to accurately calculate gains and losses. Users upload trade data via exported .csv files from supported exchanges or manually using the provided template. They can also upload several types of cryptocurrency income, such as mining, gifts, etc. The tool then generates detailed reports using the uploaded information. User’s can view an IRS 8949-esque form showing gains and losses for each sell of a coin or view a detailed breakdown of each sell with even more information. There are also views for income items and coins still being held at the end of the year. Future updates planned for the tool include: population of IRS forms, automatic trade importing from a wide variety of exchanges, and more.

NOTE: CryptoTrader.Tax would greatly appreciate if any users participating in the beta testing could report any problems they experience to [email protected] or submit a ticket to the Help Center.



Lucas Wyland

[email protected]