Horse Racing & Crypto Betting


Cryptocurrencies in sports betting are no longer a new thing. A lot of gambling sites have taken advantage of this opportunity to attract even more bettors. This is due to the privacy, anonymity, and instant transactions it has brought with it. This explains why many sportsbooks have incorporated cryptocurrencies into their payment options. It is therefore not surprising at all that crypto bets have garnered lots of talks among sports betting enthusiasts these days.

Now, if you are into sports betting, learning how to bet with crypto on sports will be a smart move. If you want to bet crypto and get more wins and lose less, then this is for you. This concise guide focuses on how you can use Bitcoin to bet on horse racing. You can also try betting here.

Horse racing is the king of sports

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. We have major racing events where the winners get huge prize money and such events garner a large amount of following year by year. Interestingly, betting is also an essential part of horse betting. They go hand in hand and it is safe to say that without betting, there will be nothing like horse racing. A lot of countries with a huge audience for horse racing tend to generate the prize money for the yearly competitions from betting. They also use the money generated to organize and regulate the gambling industry. It is, therefore, no surprise that the majority of sportsbooks these days now provide for horse racing as part of their service. At the time of coming up with this guide, the majority of the renowned bitcoin betting sites have included horse racing in their sports betting variety.

Betting on horse racing with crypto

Cryptocurrency such as BTC is now shaping up the scene in the gambling industry which has extended to horse racing. However, it is not enough to know that cryptocurrencies can now be used to bet in horse racing. It is also very important to know how to do it, that is, how to bet on horse racing with crypto. With the increasing number of sportsbooks getting established online, anyone that wants to place winning bets in horse racing needs to study and understand the things to do and not to do when gambling with cryptocurrencies.

  • Choose the right sportsbook

In everything that you will do as far as Bitcoin sports betting is concerned, choosing the right sportsbook is easily the most important step to take and crypto horse racing betting is not an exception. This is because this serves as the foundation of an enjoyable betting experience.

We have so many Bitcoin sportsbooks around these days and not all can be fully trusted. Some are simply better than others and while some are not necessarily bad, they don’t just fit into what you need. Therefore, carefully selecting a sportsbook is necessary. We have recommended some of the best sportsbooks for you at the end of this guide.

  • Integrity

The integrity of the crypto sportsbook that you intend to use is very important. What is the essence of having fantastic horsing racing odds as well as extensive coverage if it is likely that a bettor won’t get their winnings? Therefore, try to confirm the integrity of a crypto sportsbook before getting involved with them.

  • Available bonuses

Another important thing that you should look out for in a crypto sportsbook before you start betting on horse racing with them is the bonuses available for players. This is usually such an incentive for players, especially new ones as the bonuses mean that you can bet by capitalizing on a generous promotion.

  • Competitive odds

It is also quite necessary to go for a Bitcoin sportsbook that has competitive odds. This is very important because of the different odds offered by these sportsbooks, especially on the early markets. This is because many bettors will be putting a lot of money into the wagers, and the odds are such that it awards them something massive if they win. In addition, taking poor odds means you will quickly lose your money. Therefore, always look at the odds of as many crypto sportsbooks as possible and go for the best of you want to bet cryptocurrency on horse racing.

Bitcoin is not the only acceptable type of cryptocurrency for horse betting

One thing a lot of people think is that betting crypto on horse racing can only be done with one cryptocurrency which is bitcoin. You should know that this is not the case at all. Although bitcoin remains the main cryptocurrency used for betting in horse racing, it is not the only acceptable one. Although most of these crypto sportsbooks claim to be bitcoin sportsbooks, the fact is that they will accept other kinds of crypto like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Dogecoin, Zcash, Litecoin, SIBcoin, and DigiByte just to mention a few.

What are the best websites for crypto horse racing?

It is appropriate that we list out some of the sportsbooks that fit into the factors above. Some renowned bitcoin sites include:

  • Stake
  • Cloudbet
  • Sportsbet
  • Betflip
  • BetOnline

What you should know about each of these sites is they are properly licensed, and well secured with SSL encryption. Therefore, you need not fret about your bitcoin or crypto wallet being compromised. They also offer exciting bonus offers for new players who register with them.