Blockchain and footwear and clothes online market transformation.


What prevents the dynamic development of the clothes and shoes online market nowadays? Ill-fitted merchandise returns.

But there is a way out. It is in new technologies.

Imigize developed the world’s first 3D clothes and shoes contactless online fitting technology. And attempting to create a new blockchain ecosystem for market participants an information-based service on size fitting-degree. In order to implement this idea, Imigize is holding an ICO pre-sale which began 15.01.2018.

What was the premise of the blockchain ecosystem?

Service IMIGIZE, being the main link in buying the right size of clothes and shoes online, generates valuable information for buyers, sellers and producers which are the data about size fitting degree and level of comfort.

If we transfer this information on fitting degree and comfort, and related data about the customers’ anthropometric measurements, information regarding products, manufacturer, supplier, statistics and sales, reviews of the product, market ratings to the blockchain, there is an opportunity to establish a new ecosystem on the basis of decentralised open data platform.

Imigize service implies a connection to this system other market participants such as financial institutions interested in investing in efficient production, rating agencies, evaluating manufacturers according to the criteria of clothes and footwear comfort, web-search services, as well as other market participants, up to state regulators.

All interactions between ecosystem participants are materialized with the help of smart contracts within the blockchain.

There are completely new information management and connectivity possibilities: online verification of all data and participants, sharing based on a distributed blockchain application the openness of access and speed of information retrieval, data access control.

The practice of service implementation followed by building a blockchain ecosystem will show how new technology removes the main limitation of online clothes and footwear market: a suitable size selection, which will give a powerful impulse for the transition of the greater part of the world market to the web.