Did You Know iTunes Gift Card Could Get You Bitcoins?


Did you know that Bitcoins can be bought by iTunes gift cards? This is an option not available on many forums but there is a blockchain based platform that offers this handy feature. Paxful is a platform that not only offers all features of a Bitcoin wallet, but also acts as a peer to peer exchange or network for this crypto currency. There is a large network of sellers on this platform that make this a lucrative place to find easy and secure ways to purchase Bitcoin.

The other aspect is that one can buy Bitcoins with a number of payment options including with the use of an iTunes gift card. There are over 500 sellers on this platform who are willing to accept such gift card codes as mode of payment. Most sellers are from the US and are legitimate sellers while some are from other parts of the world.

The process to follow on Paxful

A public escrow method is used for peer to peer purchases as well as selling of this crypto currency on Paxful. The steps to follow when you are trying to buy Bitcoins with iTunes gift cards are detailed below:

  • Any interested buyer can visit the official website of Paxful and click on the option “Buy Bitcoins”.
  • Those who wish to buy Bitcoins on this forum need to sign up for an account on this platform.
  • There is a tab called “Create an Account” on the upper right hand corner of the main page.
  • Here users can select the option to create accounts and get a free wallet; there are step by step instructions offered to complete verification and formation of account.
  • The following page offers the option to buy Bitcoins and here one can choose their mode of payment.
  • A drop down list comes up where one can choose iTunes Gift Card as the option or preferred mode of payment.
  • Upon clicking on the search option, a list of sellers who accept iTunes gift card codes are found.
  • Upon choosing any seller from the list one can opt to buy.
  • The desired amount needs to be specified in the local currency.
  • Upon clicking on the option “Buy Now”, the transaction can be completed.

The above steps showcase how one can use iTunes gift card codes to purchase Bitcoins on Paxful.

Use iTunes gift card codes for purchases on LocalBitcoins

This is another forum where iTunes Gift Card codes can get you Bitcoins. However, there are presently no sellers on this forum who accept this mode of payment for selling Bitcoins. Hence this knowhow can only be theoretical knowledge till the platform accepts this mode of payment for Bitcoins.


The use of gift cards for buying Bitcoins can be efficient, especially if you have already invested in these cards and the codes are about to expire. However the transaction proves costly as $100 on a gift card code has $90 as equivalent value used for the purchase.