Apple Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is on Encryption


I sure that I’m no different than most of the readers of this blog in having a love-hate relationship with some of the big companies that have a huge impact on our lives: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple�but to name a few.

imageThe fact is, though, in the fight for rights, it can be good to have some of these guys on your side.

Apple, which has long protected its right to provide the best encryption it can in the face of fierce government opposition, is making use of a case against a drug dealer to set a precedent that could do much to ensure our right to privacy.

The drug dealer in question has already pled guilty, so there should be little reason for prosecutors to need access to his encrypted iPhone 5s. Yet, they are aggressively pursuing exactly that. Of course their argument would include the possibility of tracking and catching his associates.

it’s necessary for police to have the tools to perform their basic responsibility of protecting and serving the people. There also need to be strong limits on police to keep them from abusing their powers and �victimizing the people the should be protecting and serving.

I applaud Apple and wish them luck in this fight.