BitPhone: Making Encrypted Calls with Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a technological revolution that will shake the foundations of our political, financial, and social systems. And every revolution is a hotbed of energy and creativity. In many ways, Bitcoin is not remarkable for what it is, but what it will be�and there are thousands of creative, ambitious people out there right now trying to make it happen.

As we survey the Bitcoin space, we invariably find gems of creativity that are fun, interesting, or just plain useful, so we decided to share those gems with you. Today, we want to share this:


One of the criticisms that’s often made about Bitcoin is that there isn’t any place that you can spend it. Those who use Bitcoin on a regular basis know better. And those who use Bitcoin also prize their privacy, especially in these days of mass-collection of data by the NSA and other entities.

You don’t have to be hiding anything to want to keep certain things private, and BitPhone is there to help you do it. Right now, they are useful mainly as a browser-based phone service paid with Bitcoin. You can call anywhere in the world and be confident that your conversations are 100 percent encrypted and that all tracing of the calls stops at a BitPhone number. If you haven’t registered, which you are not required to do, then there is no way to trace any call back to you. So much for metadata collection.

If you do register, though, you get cheaper rates. BitPhone is more expensive than Skype’s call-a-phone service, but the slight difference will be more than offset by the privacy and peace of mind they provide.

You can visit them here.

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