Bitcoin Riddles: Bringing the Fun to Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a technological revolution that will shake the foundations of our political, financial, and social systems. And every revolution is a hotbed of energy and creativity. In many ways, Bitcoin is not remarkable for what it is, but what it will be�and there are thousands of creative, ambitious people out there right now trying to make it happen.

As we survey the Bitcoin space, we invariably find gems of creativity that are fun, interesting, or just plain useful, so we decided to share those gems with you. Today, we want to share this:

Bitcoin Riddles

This is a fun little site that I just stumbled on. Basically, they have a whole set of riddles that you can earn Bitcoin by solving. This is a self-described spare-time project of people who seem to love Bitcoin, riddles, and really crappy graphics that give the site an antiquated kind of charm.

The riddles are categorized as easy, medium and hard, and the harder the riddle, the more you can potentially make by solving it. They are also categorized into gold, or as-yet unsolved by anyone, silver, or solved by at least one other person, and green, or solved by you.

I’ve tried a few of the riddles so far, and they really are challenging. The one I liked the best shows a still of a movie that’s been ‘artistically’ filtered. You have to figure out the name of the movie and enter it to get your prize. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m thinking.

If you have any friends who like challenging riddles, send them over to Bitcoin Riddles and get them acquainted with Bitcoin as they ply their passion.

You can visit them here.

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