D-Tune Me: A Fun, Bitcoin Way to Sell and Download Music


Bitcoin is a technological revolution that will shake the foundations of our political, financial, and social systems. And every revolution is a hotbed of energy and creativity. In many ways, Bitcoin is not remarkable for what it is, but what it will be�and there are thousands of creative, ambitious people out there right now trying to make it happen.

As we survey the Bitcoin space, we invariably find gems of creativity that are fun, interesting, or just plain useful, so we decided to share those gems with you. Today, we want to share this:


This, the first of this series, is a gem we picked off of Reddit because we happened to see it inaugural announcement just as we were getting ready to launch this series.

The true power of Bitcoin comes through disintermediation, and one of the industries that does the most to keep the people doing all the real work down is the music labels. Bitcoin has often been trumpeted as having the possibility of letting artists sell direct to their public without the hassle of the labels, the banks, or even PayPal.

One steaming payment becomes a reality with payment channels like the Lightning Network come on line, this should really take off, but D-Tune Me is getting the ball rolling by creating a space for musicians to post their music and be paid in crypto currencies.

Currently, there is only one test song there, called “I Don’t Speak French” by Elastic Tiger, but the idea has real potential and we think the creators of the site deserve some attention.

Take a look, post a song, download a song. Let’s show the real value of a censorship resistant currency.

You can visit them here.

If you know of a hidden Bitcoin-related gem that you think we should share, email us at editor(at)bitcoinwarrior.net