Bitcoin Visualizers: Bitcoin Matrix, Bitcoin Globe, BitListen, and Bitcoin Monitor


Bitcoin is a technological revolution that will shake the foundations of our political, financial, and social systems. And every revolution is a hotbed of energy and creativity. In many ways, Bitcoin is not remarkable for what it is, but what it will be�and there are thousands of creative, ambitious people out there right now trying to make it happen.

As we survey the Bitcoin space, we invariably find gems of creativity that are fun, interesting, or just plain useful, so we decided to share those gems with you. Today, I want to share a few versions of the same idea: transaction visualizers. There’s not much utility in these, but they are nonetheless kind of fun to watch and, in some cases, listen to.

Bitcoin Matrix

If you ever thought you were living in the Matrix, this might just prove the point. This is an interesting take on a transaction monitor, displaying transaction matrix style.

This one is kind of glitch. I could only get it to work on my browser for a few seconds at a time, but it’s still kind of fun to play with. I hope the developers work out the bugs in the code or their matrix might not be around too long.

You can visit them here.

Bitcoin Monitor

This one is pretty simple. Transactions appear as bubbles on a timeline and their height above the line shows how many bitcoins they represent. Again, pretty fun just to leave open in a window as you work to get a sense of how active the Bitcoin community is.

You can visit them here.

Bit Listen

This one has been around for a long time and is the best visualizer I’ve found yet. As transactions come in, they form a bubble at the bottom of the window and then float gently up. Each bubble shows how many bitcoins are in that transaction. Also, as each bubble appears, a bell will ring with tones ranging from a tiny tinkle for small transactions to huge booms for large ones.

You can visit them here.

This one is interesting as it shows where transactions might be originating from in real time. I’m a little suspicious of their algorhythm as the transactions seem to be a little too well grouped, but again, a really interesting idea and really interesting to sit and watch.

You can visit them here.

Bitcoin Globe

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Bitcoin Globe as there is no explanation or key given.

You can visit them here.

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