Top 5 most popular cryptos in online casinos


Gambling is one of the few industries where cryptocurrencies are widely used. Moreover, new online casinos that accept crypto appear regularly. More and more players prefer to use crypto for playing because of various advantages. This payment method excludes issues with funds sending that can pop up when using fiat methods. In addition, cryptocurrencies give players a higher level of anonymity and speed up the transactions time.

To date, there are an enormous amount of different tokens. Of course, crypto casinos can add a lot of cryptocurrencies and support five tokens on average. Here are 5 of the most popular ones.


According to the research of Bitcoin Casinos, DOGE is used in 42% of crypto gambling sites. This meme coin became really popular in 2021, thanks to Twitter. It was used well before the peak of its popularity in online casinos. Dogecoin is a great way to play casino games for “low-roller” players. This token allows betting super small amounts of money and makes gambling more affordable.

Bitcoin Cash

Around 46% of crypto casinos allow players to make bets in BCH. Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin hard-fork launched in 2017. In the gambling community, Bitcoin Cash is appreciated for its faster transaction and more stable price compared to Bitcoin. But these properties were enough only for the 4th place.


The bronze medal in this “competition” goes to Litecoin. 63% of all crypto casinos support payments in this cryptocurrency. Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptos which was launched in 2011. Like many other tokens, it was created as a better Bitcoin replacement. And in some ways, this is true, especially when it comes to the transaction’s speed. Also, the price of LTC is much lower than BTC, which makes Litecoin less volatile.


The second crypto in the world is also has a silver place among crypto casinos. But the part of ETH in online casinos is not much bigger than BTC, and it’s only 65%. Even despite the high gas fee in the Ether blockchain, this token is incredibly popular among crypto gamblers. Some crypto casinos have started integrating Metamask into their site, making Ethereum usage even more convenient.


Few will be surprised that the first place in terms of prevalence in online casinos is Bitcoin. But the share he occupies is really impressive! 95% of all crypto casinos support this cryptocurrency. This share is undoubtedly due to the wild popularity of Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency. Despite the many disadvantages of this cryptocurrency, many gambling sites and crypto players continue to prefer this coin.


So now you know which cryptocurrencies are the most common in online casinos. Some of them were obvious, and some surprised you. Like all other industries, gambling is not standing still and is constantly evolving, so this top will change in the future. But how soon this will happen, and whether some token can be removed from the pedestal of Bitcoin, we still have to find out.