What’s the deal with Football Clubs making tokens?

football tokens
football tokens

Digital currencies are gradually starting to cover all areas of our life. Relatively recently, some people came up with the idea of using coins or tokens in sports. In particular, we are talking about football, the number one sport in the world. It has been the most popular sport for many years. Millions of boys around the world dream of becoming professional footballers and getting into a famous club. With the development of modern technology, more and more football clubs are keeping up with new trends, creating coins, tokens and various currencies. Let’s have a look at the current issue in the sport.

Football is a Business

Football has long since turned into a business. Many businessmen have recently begun to view it not as a hobby, but as a way to make good money. It is no secret that the sale of tickets, merchandise and broadcasts, with a competent approach, can affect the club’s income for the better. However, the most important factor in football is the loyalty of the fans. The inflow of investments into the team depends on it. The world’s leading clubs are actively working in this direction. For example, meetings with fans or monthly prizes are organized.

The owners of many football teams are well aware that it is not worth stopping at this, so now some clubs are considering the possibility of entering the ICO. Issuing and selling your own tokens will help make fans feel like a part of the team. Coin holders will be able to collectively make some important decisions. For example, an opponent for the next friendly match or a player they would like to see on the team.

ICO Will Help Teams Financially

There is another reason why ICOs may soon become commonplace in football. Some clubs with huge fans around the world are struggling financially. It should be said that in most cases the fans are ready to help their favorite teams. At the moment, ICO is the most optimal option for achieving this goal. Fans will use their financial resources to help the clubs recruit top performers to tackle bigger challenges, develop infrastructure and popularize the brand. The fans of the teams have a chance to make good money in the future. If the money can still help the team, then the value of tokens will increase in value and they can subsequently be sold at a more favorable price.

So far, the leadership of some teams is only considering this idea as one of the options for a business strategy for the coming years. It is already known for sure that teams such as Juventus, PSG, Sporting (Portugal) and Avay (Brazil) are going to soon resort to this method of fundraising.

Ronaldinho Coin

It should be noted that not only football clubs are thinking about launching an ICO. We can recall a recent example with ex-Barcelona footballer Ronaldinho. He issued his own RSC Coin to popularize football in poor countries and create virtual stadiums around the world. Previously unknown players will have a chance for a bright future in the world of football, which makes the project of the famous Brazilian football player socially significant.

ICO is a Step Forward

In general, we can say that using ICOs in sports is a step forward. Football clubs will allow fans to take an active part in the life of the team, to participate in various unique events. In addition, the proceeds will be used to improve infrastructure and hire more experienced professionals, which will make the club more competitive. Sports have always had a positive attitude towards innovation, so soon many clubs will start massively launching their own ICOs.