What is Rig in mining and how to collect it


Mining Rig is a device designed for mining cryptocurrencies. It is part of the farm. The difference is that all graphics cards used for mining are called a farm, while a rig is a part of a farm, which most often includes from four to six video adapters.

Self-assembly Rig for mining

There are different ways to build a mining rig. It is necessary to connect all the components with each other, fix them on the frame, and then connect to the display and the global network. It is best to use wired internet as it is more stable than Wi-Fi. Then you will need to install the mining software. It can be a special OS like HiseOS or a program like Claymore for Linux or Windows. It is better to use the first option, since the miner operating system spends the hashrate more efficiently, without performing background tasks, and can be controlled remotely without installing additional software. This is very convenient – you do not need to connect a keyboard and mouse to each display, but you can even control Rig at a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

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Possible size Rig

  • Most often, one rig includes four to six graphics cards.
  • Theoretically, this number can be even higher – you just need to find a motherboard with a large number of slots.
  • However, most miners prefer this particular scheme.

Cooling installation

Cooling of the farm is desirable, but not required. The video adapters themselves are equipped with a cooling system. If the Rig assembly rules are observed, overheating will not occur. If you live in a cold area or have an indoor air conditioner or place your farm on a ventilated balcony, it is quite possible to do without a cooling system. In addition, many miners install a fan near Rig to cool it down. For a small home farm, you don’t need more. In spacious rooms with many Rigs, it is necessary to install a powerful cooling system and equip ventilation. The most effective way to solve this problem is to install a water cooling system through a cooler. It works extremely efficiently and quietly, but is quite expensive.

Rig administration

When the Rig is installed and configured, there is no need to constantly monitor the functioning of the system. It is enough just a few times a day via remote access from a smartphone or PC to check whether everything is functioning. If problems arise, you need to remotely restart the miner. When the Internet is disconnected, the program will pause, but will not stop working. It is very important to keep track of the hash rate. Its fall indicates a probable breakdown of one of the processors, in which case repairs will be required.

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