Doracakeswap Launches a lucrative lottery


Doracakeswap is a decentralized project existing on the Binance Smart contract with a vision to launch and offer top of the range products to meet the changing needs of its community. Essentially, Doracakeswap is a community driven project. This means that it works closely with its community members and derives its focus from it. As a result, it does things in the interest of its community members, supporters, investors and fans.

Because Doracakeswap cares for its community, it has chosen the Binance Smart Chain due to its convenience, security and low transaction costs.


Doracakeswap has several existing and planned projects. The existing products include the staking pool and lottery. Historically, the Doracake staking pool, with a 120% APR, was its first product and is still a preferred investment opportunity among its community members. The other existing product is the lottery which people can access through the website,

However, these are not the only products. Doracakeswap is looking forward to introducing other great products such as the NFT marketplace, multi-wallet and the decentralized exchange. For now, let’s focus on the recently launched lottery.

Doracakeswap lottery

First, you can play the lottery on the Doracakeswap website, The good news is that there are no complicated processes for you to take part in the lottery. In order to play the lottery, simply visit the side bar where you find the lottery section.

Upon clicking “Lottery”, a new window pops up which enables you to connect your wallet.

As you note above, click “Connect your wallet to login.” Thus there is a need for you to connect your Metamask Wallet to the platform.

Once you do that you will start your journey into lottery fantasy.

How to pay for the lottery service

Doracakeswap enables people to pay for the lottery service using Doracake, its internal token. In a similar manner, the winners get their rewards in form of the Doracake token, which is listed and tradable on Pancakeswap.

How the system works

Anyone can buy many lottery tickets which remain active within a time frame, in which you should make the bet. At the end of the set period, the system announces the winners.

Doracakeswap distributes the rewards to the winners as soon as possible, following the announcement. The good thing is that the system is transparent, with no forms of bias or cheating.

Rules of the game

It’s time to get into the specifics of how the lottery system works. It does not take much time to order the lottery tickets and to place your bet. All this can take place within 5 minutes, which is convenient for any person.

Also, it takes only 30 seconds for you to get the results of your bet. Although there is a fee for the lottery processes, it is very negligible. For instance, if you use 100 Doracake tokens, the fee is only 2 Doracake, leaving 98 as your contract amount.

Transparency in the lottery process

Also, there is high transparency in the lottery process from the start to the very end. This is due to the terms and conditions of the smart contract. For example, when you join Green and the result shows 1,3,7 and 9, you will get 96 Doracake tokens.

If you join RED and the result shows 2,4,6 and 8, you will get 196 Doracake. On the other hand, if the result is zero (0), you will get 147 Doracake.

When you join VIOLET and the result is 0 or 5, you will get 441 Doracake, that is in a case where you would have used 100 Doracake. Nonetheless, the other alternative is for you to select a specific figure. In this scenario, if the result shows the same number you have selected, you will get 882 Doracake.

This is impressive, as the process is transparent. That is why the Doracakeswap lottery system will more likely make a great impact on the gaming sector.

More interestingly, all winners will withdraw their rewards(Doracake) anytime between Monday and Friday, at a tiny fee of 30 Doracake, for an amount of between 100 and 999 Doracake. Well, Doracakeswap may review these fees with time in line with the change in the value of the Doracake token.

If the withdrawal amount is above 1 000 Doracake, there is a flat fee of 3%, which is affordable and reasonable.

Since the lottery is already operational, you can play it straight away and stand the chance to win the amazing prizes. It’s no surprise that Doracakeswap offers competitive terms and conditions, mainly meant to reward its community members for the trust they have put in the company.

Since the inception of the lottery, many people have already participated and are waiting for the grand rewards. There is no better lottery platform than Doracakeswap, knowing that it offers its rewards in its own native token Doracake, built on Binance Smart Chain.


Doracakeswap has a large community, existing on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram and Facebook, among others. You are welcome to join any of these social media platforms and start enjoying the lottery service.

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