24-inch Vessel Sink: The Nuances of Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Decoration


The plumbing industry has taken a decisive step forward. The appearance of a 24 vessel sink on the market brought many pleasant surprises to lovers of interior novelties and progress.

If you are renovating a bathroom, changing the style of the interior, replacing tiles, plumbing fixtures and accessories, it’s time to take a look at the Aquatica website https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/30-inch-vessel-sink and buy a new 24 vessel sink or washbasin that matches the new stylish interior of your bathroom.

A vessel sink is a standard washbasin installed on a prepared work surface: worktop or cabinet. Original shapes, colors, and materials lend a special charm to this Aquatica sanitary ware.

Decent pluses of designer 24-inch vessel sinks:

  • Originality. The depth and courage of the engineering and design ideas, the variety of shapes (circle, oval, square/rectangle, semicircle, etc.), and the colors are simply amazing. A prime example is a uniquely shaped washbasin (from the Spoon 2 collection) with a red exterior and a classic white interior. Such an extraordinary choice will help a creative person transform an ordinary bathroom into a creatively designed space.
  • Compactness. These 24 vessel sinks are very convenient to install even in the smallest spaces.
  • Installation. Installing a vessel sink is a simple and quick process. The big bonus is that you are unlimited in choosing a place for it (saving space due to the well-thought-out design).
  • Careful selection of materials. Aquatica branded vessel sinks are made from quality raw materials. All materials are thoroughly tested.
  • A wide selection of materials for manufacture. These can be branded AquateX™, AquateX ™ LuX, AquateX™ Sleek Concrete, or NeroX™.
  • Sealing. The waterproofing of this kind of sink is made as conveniently and simply as possible, which affects the increase in the service life and prevention of the appearance of dampness, mold, and mildew.

Contact Aquatica and enjoy a first-class service — the designer’s help in choosing the right vessel sink and fast delivery of the purchased products.