Arox Capital Review – Bitcoin and Altcoins Trading at a Glance


Bitcoin and the major altcoins continue to impress, as the global cryptocurrency market reached $2 trillion in aggregate valuation for the first time. In a volatile environment, crypto trading is one of the best ways to take advantage of price movements, without having to worry about the usual vulnerabilities associated with holding crypto in a wallet.

The only missing puzzle piece to achieve such a thing is a proper trading offer, tailored for the needs traders have when getting involved in the digital assets markets. Arox Capital had been established at the right moment and now offers attractive conditions, the main reason why its main benefits will be under scrutiny today.

What is Arox Capital?

Arox Capital is a Bitcoin-based platform, offering leveraged trading on multiple digital assets, as well as other popular asset classes like FX, indices, commodities, and stocks. In terms of the crypto benefits, the brand holds a competitive edge due to the variety of cryptocurrencies covered, as well as the well-suited trading platform.

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Opening an account with Arox Capital unlocks a full spectrum of opportunities that can be taken advantage of with proper education and a rules-based system. Relying on strong security features and advanced technology, the company is consistently ensuring optimal conditions concerning trade execution and transparency.

Key Features of Arox Capital

  • Cryptocurrencies covered – to trade BTC with Arox Capital, as well as tens of other altcoins, traders can benefit from a very rich asset coverage, using flexible leverage and tight trading costs.
  • Arox Capital WebTrader – optimized for high volatility conditions and packed with multiple trading tools, this WebTrader is a personalized trading solution, the only option available when trading with this brand.
  • Arox Capital Accounts – 5 account types are more than enough to ensure optimal conditions for a broad range of traders, regardless of personal goals and trading style. Arox Capital offers different trading benefits for each account type, leaving the user to choose which one is the best choice.
  • Funding options – for both deposits/withdrawals, the broker covers some of the most popular payment methods in the market. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or wire transfers are the main options.
  • Education – it does not matter the account type chosen, since all customers will have access to an online education center. Other premium features get unlocked when upgrading the account.

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Does Arox Capital ensure strong security?

Enhanced security capabilities are ensured via the integration of some of the most advanced trading technologies. Arox Capital uses Amazon AWS and encryption methods to keep customer data and funds safe all the time.

The account holder will be in full control and nobody else will be able to conduct unauthorized financial operations. Also, each customer will need to verify ID, address, or payment method, in line with the compliance requirements.

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  • Arox Capital is covering tens of cryptocurrency instruments
  • The WebTrader runs smoothly even in volatile conditions
  • All Arox Capital customers get access to education


  • Spreads for less-popular cryptos might be wide
  • 1:10 maximum leverage for all crypto instruments
  • Trading is conducted via WebTrader only


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, regardless if they’ll become an official medium of exchange in the future or not. The investing community is treating crypto as an asset class and that has been driving new capital in over the past year. Arox Capital is proving to offer highly competitive crypto trading services, due to the wide range of cryptocurrencies traders have access to. At the same time, it puts an emphasis on security and personalization, showing that ensuring optimal conditions is one of its main priorities.