A Look at the Management Team behind the CFX Tokens


Marco Mottana, who is the founder and CEO of the company, leads the management team of CFX Quantum. Mottana was amongst the first financial experts in Italy to introduce Technical and Quantitative analysis. He has worked in the money management industry for over three decades and he has written two successful books. Besides that, he has trained thousands of successful private money managers as well as traders.

Mottana came up with the CFX team by relying on his extensive connections and experience in the money management industry. He used that come up with a team of 8 experts and 10 traders from around the world. CFX has been testing its system since 2017, which will be delivered now via the CFX Quantum project.

About Marco Mottana

After he graduated in Business Administration from Hartford University, he co-founded FORINVEST in 1987. The company was the first to introduce Technical Analysis to the Italian financial sector. Besides that, he co-founded the first newsstand magazine in Italy that was wholly dedicated to investments. Mottana also founded the Italian Society of Technical Analysts.

He launched the CFX Quantum project in 2017 as a way to change how customers and professional money managers interact.

Alessandro Borra

Mr. Borra is Chief Technology Officer at CFX Quantum. He is a forensic, cybernetic, and security expert. Borra has a degree in Physics from Milan University and he specializes in cybernetics. He is one of the most renowned Italian experts in the forensic sector and has served as a witness on countless occasions for the Milan Court for digital forensics. Borra has great expertise in technology for many devices. He is a cyber-security expert, a GDPR specialist, and an expert in the assessment of security flaws in software systems. Borra is also an expert at penetration and anti-hacking procedures.

Andrea Ghirardini

Ghirardini serves as the assistant CTO at CFX Quantum. He graduated from the University of Trento, Italy with an Information Technology degree. In the past, he has worked as a CTO, Project Manager, System Architect, and cyber-security head. He is also a forensic expert and he has worked for various companies in Italy in this role. Ghirardini’s role at CFX Quantum is the evolution of the Quantum Annealer.

Renato Avanzini

Avanzini is an It professional with over 30 years of experience in security, technology, and finance. He is a passionate trader and algo creator who played a critical role in introducing the internet in Italy in the 80s. Avanzini currently resides in Australia where is in charge of trading and development in the Asian region. At CFX Quantum, he has the role of database management.

Mohamed Mughal

Mughal is a trader, compliance experts, and Quant specialist. He is a business development expert with over 30 years of experience in the financial sector. After acquiring his Master’s in Finance and Mathematical Trading, Mughal went on to enjoy a successful career in the fields of Statistical Arbitrage, Equity Trading, Medium, and High-Frequency Commodities Trading, and Quantitative Analysis. He has worked with major firms such as Lehman Brothers, UBS, Bear Stearns, Bankers Trust, and the Arab Banking Corporation.

Massimo Segafreddo

Segafreddo is in charge of all referral-marketing activities at CFX Quantum. He has been a trader for ten years and has worked with the Solidarietà & Finanza Sim Spa, which is a licensed financial brokerage in Italy. Massimo is also an expert in market and finance. He was one of the marketing leaders at [email protected] Spa and Freedomland Spa projects. Massimo was chosen for his marketing experience in the projects, which involved managing several thousand people and multiple layers of salespeople.

Alexandre Chkhaidze

Chkhaidze serves as the social media manager at CFX Quantum. He has a Master’s in Political Market from the Rome Business School. Chkhaidze worked as the Head of Marketing for firms such as Georgia Today, OK Magazine, ME Europe, and several financial brokerage firms.

In the past few years, he has become an expert in social media management. He has worked with writers and influencers, analyzing sales and leads, created content, created ideas for companies, branding, commercial management, visual presentations, and event organizing.


Important Consultant for CFX Quantum


CFX Quantum has retained the services of some key consultants in various sectors. They include Robert Rakison, who is the primary legal consultant of the company. Rakison is an International Business Consultant for Hamlins LLP.

They also work with BBKCA.com, which offers auditing services to the company. BBK Partnership was established in 1987 and has provided taxation, accountancy, auditing, and business recovery services to numerous clients.

Their final key consultant is SmartExchange, which serves in the role of Strategic integrator at CFX Quantum. They have been crucial to the design of a new information technology platform that streamlines clients’ processes that have to be integrated without data silos.

If you want to be a part of CFX Quantum’s upcoming IEO, and get behind Social Trading, you can learn more by going online to token.cfxquantum.com, visit our token sale landing page, or join the community for more details: t.me/CFXQuantumGroup.