Where to Invest Your Bitcoin Profits Online


When trades are going well and profits are flowing in, it may be enticing to spend your earnings and treat yourself. Nobody should blame you if you do, but investing some of that money and making even more cash without leaving your desk isn’t a bad idea either. That said, looking at the options can be overwhelming.

These days there are countless ways that you can invest your money on the Internet. Some are excellent ways to grow your funds, while others are nothing more than scams. In this list, we’ll show you some safer and more dependable methods that you can use to invest your Bitcoin earnings online.


Now before we get into the actual investments, it pays to have a bit of know-how on where you’re putting your money. The websites listed below work pretty differently to Bitcoin and may require some upfront knowledge for you to fully understand.

At InvestinGoal, you can learn everything you need to know about investing money with their comprehensive guides and reviews. Feel free to get started with this investing for dummies guide, where you can learn the basics of growing your money.


If you’ve ever looked into real estate investments, you’ll know that they are far from cheap. Fundrise takes the hassle and exuberant prices out of investing in real estate by offering users a unique way to grow their money. With as little as $500, you can choose a property development project to invest in. When they make money, you make money.

Lending Club

Ever wanted to be a loan shark? Probably not. Anyway, if you did at some point in life have the dream of earning money by borrowing it, Lending Club will help you realize that dream without running the risk of your money being stolen. This peer-to-peer “investment site” allows lenders to loan amounts starting at $25 to borrowers.

These amounts are cut up into “Notes,” meaning that each lender is only providing a certain fraction of the loan amount to a borrower. With an investment of $1000, you can spread your portfolio among up to 40 Notes. Lending Club works through your bank account and may require you to have a certain net worth depending on which state you live in.

Treasury Direct

For a solid and dependable investment, Treasury Direct offers Americans a quick and easy way to invest in US government securities. Investment amounts here start from as low as $100 and you’re able to withdraw the money from the same website with no early withdrawal penalties.

Treasury Direct also offers users the ability to invest in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, which not only pay out in interest, but also automatically adjust for inflation according to the Consumer Price Index. While you won’t make millions, these types of investments are great ways to ensure your cash is growing instead of racking up account fees.

If these types of investments don’t tickle your fancy, why not consider investing in your own business? Whether it’s a brick and mortar store or a website on your favorite topic, there’s money to be made and you can have a great time doing it.