Coinzilla – The Ad Network Which Will Boost Your Crypto Business receives a huge UPDATE


Currently, Google and Facebook are considered to be the most popular networks used for advertising. But, if you have a project or business that is related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain, you probably know by now that that isn’t an option anymore since they started banning crypto ads.

However, there is no reason to despair. There is a platform that has been specially developed to help advertisers from the crypto sphere promote their projects efficiently. The platform we’re talking about is Coinzilla, an ad company which connects its advertisers only to the most relevant and important publishers.

Coinzilla drives targeted traffic to their customers’ websites, ensuring that their projects will be exposed to the client segment in which they have interest in.

Their services include a wide range of banner advertising options, which have given nothing but favorable results with numerous ICOs. The platform also features an efficient press release system and bidding system which were designed to provide the best marketing solutions.

By keeping up with the fierce market competition, new advertising options and tools have been added to help improve the user experience of their customers and bring in the best results.

The other features introduced are device and geo-targeting, budget capping, SEPA & SWIFT fund transfers, API for campaign improvement, and security enhancements.

Brief Description of Coinzilla

Coinzilla Advertising Network was established 2 years ago and, by promoting a high-quality service, they quickly managed to secure a spot among the top advertising networks in the crypto industry.

Having worked with over 1,500 advertisers and 4,000 publishers, they have the required experience and insight needed to conduct successful campaigns and ads.

So, if you are the owner of a crypto project or business, then Coinzilla is the best platform that will suit all your advertising needs.