Making the Most of Your Crypto Earnings with More Stamps Global


I’m talking to you, crypto-investor: Are sure you want that Lambo?

As the price of cryptocurrencies slowly started to edge up last year, “Lambo” for a while looked like it was going to supplant ‘moon’ as the go-to synonym for cryptocurrencies’ wild success. When the price topped a new all-time-high, so the thinking went, the new crypto millionaire (billionaire?) could splurge on this expensive toy.

Research shows, though, that buying toys does not make people happy past that first kick. Outside buying a comfortable house to live in, the best use of money for long-term happiness is to use it to acquire life-experiences. Scuba diving in the Philippines, touring the Uffizi Museum in Florence, wine tasting in Chile, checking out the ancient civilization of Angkor Wat – These are the kinds of things that will never get old, never go out of style, and no one can ever take away from you.

More Stamps Global is an online travel agency poised to help flush crypto-investors broaden their horizons and achieve their dreams.

In many ways, More Stamps Global is modeled on other online booking sites. They offer all the usual accoutrements: you can search for flights, hotels, and various activities for a range of different destinations.

Though not what makes it truly stand out, when I tried out their flight search engine, I was pleased at how simple and intuitive it is. I have a trip I’m planning to take overseas this December, and I was quickly given an easily sortable list of flights to sort from.

What mattered most to me, though, was the price. In the past when I’ve gone to crypto-accepting sites, I did not feel that I was getting the best price. This time, the price I was quoted for the specific flight I wanted matched the cheapest rate listed on any other site.

I have never purchased travel tickets using crypto before, but if More Stamps Global gives me the best price and the option to pay in crypto – well, they’ve got a new customer.

And that is what really makes More Stamps Global stand out to me: They are not a travel agency that accepts cryptocurrencies, they are a travel agency powered by cryptocurrencies. They currently accept over 40 currencies and have plans to add more in the future.

This shows a commitment to the power of cryptocurrencies, and they should be commended and supported for their work in extending the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With sites like More Stamps Global, there is no way for anyone to make the claim that ‘you can’t buy anything with that.’

So the next time the crypto-markets find themselves on a bull run, ask yourself, do you really want that Lambo which’ll sit most of the time in your garage and be a ticket magnet every time you take it out for a spin, or do you want to use the proceeds of your sharp investments to create the relationships and experiences that you can cherish forever?

Who knows? At some time in the future you might be able to find tourist packages to the moon on More Stamps Global. If so, I know I’d rather have a moon than a Lambo.

Pixabay: CCO