Some Popular Online Bitcoin Wallets and Their Features


There are several Bitcoin wallets that have proven their reliable existence in the market for long time, but still new ones emerge that have new features to offer. Here is a look at some popular online Bitcoin wallets and what features users can expect out of them.

  • Exodus

This is a wallet that acts as an all in one application. It is known to support not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. There are strong security features as well as the added attraction of it is a wallet that is free for use. Features that are unique on Exodus are compatible with different OS such as Linus, Mac and Windows. It also incorporates a unique functionality called ShapeShift that helps inter trading of different crypto currencies.

  • Mycelium

Mycelium is another software wallet; you can try which is designed for smart phones. It is designed as an open source application that has full support features for Bitcoin. Currently it cannot be used with other crypto currencies, which are a limitation of this platform. There are several advanced options that can come of use to those who have owned Bitcoin for long and conduct different transactions with it.

  • Electrum

This comes to you as a software wallet that works fast even when you are offline. This makes it more secure and private. The wallet has a user friendly interface and can help you export your key to another bitcoin application or client program easily. It also offers compatibility with different hardware wallets.

  • Bread Wallet

It is a wallet solution built for IOS users, though there is an Android compatible version as well. It has a simple interface and is easy to set up in seconds. It is a mobile wallet that is a lightweight application and can help one to use without much hassle. There is paper key support provided as well.

  • Paxful

You can consider it as the best Bitcoin wallet that not only provides a digital wallet solution for bitcoin holdings but provides more features. This is a blockchain based interface, there is a built in marketplace for peer to peer transactions to take place. Hence there are trusted vendors or sellers on this platform who can be reliable sources of bitcoin. There are several ways to pay for bitcoin acquisition on this platform as well, which include credit card, online wallets, cash deposits and gift cards. The platform only charges a nominal fee for mining activity that is charged when you move your bitcoins from this platform to any other wallet application.

So how do you make a choice? This depends on your personal preference along with certain standard features such as ease of use, security and compatibility features. Hence, choose an online Bitcoin wallet as per the kind of transactions you are likely to make and check the terms and conditions of fees and transfer options as well. Most reputed and popular online wallets are free to use and may have advanced options of usage that are covered under additional fees.