Top Tips For Safe Bitcoin Gambling in 2018


Finding the right place for Bitcoin Gambling is no easy task in 2018, the anonymous nature of Bitcoin whilst one of its greatest features also gives a chance for unknown gambling sites to take advantage of the regular Bitcoin gamblers trusting nature.

Sorting the bad from the good Bitcoin Gambling sites can prove to be a challenging task. That’s why the team at Bitcoin Gambling 101 have drawn up a list of the top tips to ensure your Bitcoin is safe, and you don’t fall victim to dodgy Bitcoin Gambling sites tactics. We feel the only thing you should be gambling with is your Bitcoin, and not your security. Here are the top tips for 2018:

  1. To Provably Fair or Not – Provably fair is probably the best thing about Bitcoin gambling, the fact that you yourself can verify whether a casino is truly fair brings the power back to the player. While this doesn’t prove they are safe, it does at least give you assurance your games are fair, that’s why we recommend preferring a provably fair bitcoin casino over non-provably fair.
  2. I’d like to make a Complaint – Player complaints are the one truly honest place to find out whether your coins are safe. Unfortunately, there is not a single place for complaints and it’s hard to 100% check the validity of the complaints, but we recommend checking out trusted forums such as BitcoinTalk for a good indication of the sites history, or head on over to our comments section to see if our members have spotted anything!
  3. History of the Casino –The internet serves as a timeline for a casinos history. If the casino has a very shady history, or none at all, be wary. The anonymous nature of Bitcoin also leads to some casino owners cutting and running with players winnings, so always check the history to ensure you are not making the same mistake as another player.
  4. A License to Thrill – Licenses have a troubled past for Bitcoin Gambling. The provably feature solves a lot of their purpose, but they don’t guarantee other security measures are in place to prevent against bitcoin casinos not paying out winnings. Licenses help prevent this and more illegal practices. However, one issue with licenses is they often require you to shed the anonymous banner of Bitcoin gambling, and restrict your play in certain countries. Licenses are preferable in certain countries, while not available in others. Make sure to check out our site for a special guide on this to make it simpler to find out what your licensing rules are.
  5. No Verification = No Entry – With all the sites out there and a whole host of criteria to check against, wouldn’t it be easier to just have a team of knowledgeable gamblers do it instead? Well that’s exactly what the team at Bitcoin Gambling 101 have done. We have compiled a list of checks that we apply against the crypto gambling sites. All of them leading to whether we decide the site is verified and safe for you to play at. If it’s not verified it means we don’t trust it, and neither should you.
  6. Trust Your Gut – Ultimately no matter how much research you do on a Bitcoin Gambling site, if you feel that something isn’t right then you should always trust that initial feeling and approach with absolute caution. Oftentimes a Bitcoin casino will appear and offer an incredible deposit bonus to tempt new players, then promptly shut shop. Essentially if it feels too good to be true, trust that feeling, because it most likely is.

Following these tips will help you make the right decision when gambling with your Bitcoin and we hope that 2018 proves to be a lucky year for you!