Earn 10-15% Discount at the AllArk Marketplace


As a service to the Bitcoin community, Bitcoin Warrior is featuring merchants and services that offer discounts when purchased in Bitcoin. Today we are featuring:


We are a marketplace that encourages sellers to adopt Bitcoin, some of our sellers have done so. Some are selling particular products only for Bitcoin and giving a discount of 10%-15% on Games and electronics.

We are small but growing and we have been and will be active in the Bitcoin community.

We offer 10% to 15% off retail price for users who want to purchase items through Bitcoin. As we are a marketplace, we can ask our sellers to implement this and the rest is up to them. Some of our sellers have implemented this, they are also open to adjusting the price, if there is interest as we believe they update the Bitcoin price of items as often as they can to reflect market value.

You can visit them here.

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