Fine Art from MyFinbec, 40% Off When Paying with Bitcoin


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Bitcoin buyers get the art gallery wholesale rate of 40 percent off on signed limited edition art prints by some of the biggest names in street art. They are made in Paris using a lithographic press built in 1881. This press has created the original signed prints directly for artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Mir� and Chagall. Today this press is making art prints for the world’s top contemporary artists and art galleries. The prints coming off this antique press are usually found in museums, international exhibitions, and in public and private art collections. These art prints are created using an oil and water printing process, layering each color individually.

Each print is on made on 100 percent cotton paper, hand torn, stamped and numbered and then signed by the artist. Instead of an ink jet process used to make posters and other art prints, the cotton paper comes into direct contact with the plate and the oil based colors are absorbed by the paper, giving richer color and vibrance.

The non-bitcoin website is here so you can see the price they usually sell for (and they sell fast) –

Location: Paris, France

Discount: 40% off when paying with Bitcoin

You can visit them here.

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