Unichange.me Shares Tips for Traders: How to Withdraw Bitcoin Earnings


Bitcoin Press Release: P2P exchange platform Unichange.me offers tips on withdrawing and spending Bitcoin to digital currency users.

August 2, 2016 Romania, Bucharest Bitcoin is one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies at the moment. The value of Bitcoin has increased in the recent days, making it the ideal time to trade it against other currencies. Experienced market players consider the price volatility a good thing and make profits from the market fluctuations.

Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.

Warren Buffett

Those possessing Bitcoin usually look for places where they can use their Bitcoin earnings. As the digital currency infrastructure expands, many places start adopting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. The adoption rate of Bitcoin varies across geographies, however in some countries there are virtually no options for people to spend Bitcoin directly, like regular currency. In such cases, those who want to spend their digital currency will have to find platforms that allow them to withdraw Bitcoin as regional fiat currency.

P2P exchange platform, Unichange.me is a global leader in the exchange market and provides its users with a wide range of Bitcoin withdrawal options. Those looking to exchange their Bitcoin to other electronic currencies can also do so on the same platform. Unichange.me offers an automatic exchange of Bitcoin to Perfect Money, OKPay, BTC-e USD code, Litecoin and Fasapay. All these conversion options are available 24/7 and it requires no registration!

Bulk customers can also opt to transfer their Bitcoin directly to bank accounts. Although this option may take several business days as it requires the account to be verified before the exchange can initiate fund transfer. But it is still a convenient way to safely withdraw bulk Bitcoin balances.

There are other options for those who do not have a bank account. They can make withdrawals over the Western Union to receive the transfer within one business day, anywhere across the world via the Western Union quick money transfer option.

All the options described above have their own advantages and disadvantages. Unichange.me has evaluated all these options to come up with a more convenient way for its customers to receive and spend Bitcoin. Unichange.me’s virtual and debit cards satisfy all the requirements of its users by offering them a way to conduct fast and secure transactions. Unichange.me cards are accepted by all merchants and businesses who accept Visa powered cards. Also, these cards can be used to withdraw Bitcoin balance as cash from ATMs.

There are many popular sites (e.g., Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, BestBuy etc.) that still do not accept Bitcoin payments. Unichange.me recommends customers to use its Virtual Card which is delivered immediately and can be topped up instantly for free on such sites. By ordering a Unichange.me virtual card, one can enjoy all the advantages of electronic payments using Bitcoin, without having to pay for the card issuance or delivery.

Virtual cards aren’t ideal for offline shopping, in such cases, one can use the plastic debit card issued by Unichange.me to make payments at Visa supported Point of Sale terminals or with cash withdrawn from Visa supported ATMs. The Unichange.me Bitcoin card can also be funded with other electronic currencies like Litecoin, BTC-e USD codes, Perfect Money USD/EUR, OKPay and FasaPay. All transactions made over Unichange.me debit and virtual cards are processed within one business hour. Sometimes, the processing time can be less than 15 minutes as well. Currently, the cards are available only in EUR and USD denominations.

There is some more good news for customers from China. They can directly withdraw their Bitcoin balances as UnionPay CNY and Alipay CNY at competitive CNY exchange rates and spend it on various e-commerce platforms in the region.

In conclusion, one can leverage upon the fluctuating Bitcoin price to make profits from trading and use Unichange.me’s services to withdraw Bitcoin earnings as other e-currencies, fiat transfer to bank accounts, Western Union cash transfers or use Unichange.me Bitcoin-funded debit and virtual cards.

About Unichange.me

Unichange.me is an innovative P2P exchange provider. The platform, dedicated to provide quality service is involved in developing a positive customer experience for the digital commerce ecosystem. The platform has a strong team with experienced players from the e-currency exchange market. Unichange.me supports multiple electronic currencies and offers a range of convenient withdrawal options to its customers.

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